Gears 5 Boot Camp Preview Showcases Training Mode

A new preview for the Boot Camp Mode in Gears 5 shows off the ways it'll let you brush up on your skills.

By Brandon Doerrer

July 15, 2019

Another Gears 5 mode is getting some attention. This time it’s Boot Camp mode–a training area that’ll let new and returning players familiarize themselves with combat mechanics.

New players don’t have to sweat that Gears 5 will assume they have at least some familiarity with prior entries in the series. As the preview shows, Boot Camp will cover the most basic of basics–from taking cover and shooting to lobbing grenades and shoving a huge blade through people. You can watch the preview here.

Boot Camp isn’t the first mode we’ve seen from Gears 5 in the last month. Another is a co-op experience called Escape Mode.

Escape Mode pits a team of three against the challenge of escaping from an infiltrated Swarm hive. Players choose from members of Team Scorpio: an adrenaline junkie named Lahni, the grizzled vet Keegan, and Mac, the greenest of the bunch. The team plants a venom bomb within the hive and must get out before they got caught in the gas.

DualShockers’ own Chris Compendio got some hands-on time with the mode at E3. He described it as feeling similar to Left 4 Dead, with its greatest challenge coming from a severe lack of ammo.

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Gears 5 releases on September 10 for the Xbox One and PC. You can pre-order it on Amazon if that interests you.

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