The Price of Iron in Gears 5 Just Got Increased in Some Regions

The Price of Iron in Gears 5 Just Got Increased in Some Regions

Due to a previous pricing error, the price of Iron had to be increased in some regions outside of the US.

Gears 5 players might have noticed something if they logged in yesterday to play some multiplayer matches. The price of Iron (the in-game currency that can be bought with real money to purchase cosmetic items) was increased in areas outside the US such as the UK.

When the game first released, for 500 Iron, it cost £3.99, 1000 Iron cost £6.99 and 2250 Iron cost £14.99. You can take a look at the original prices in the picture below.

Gears 5

Per Eurogamer, as of yesterday, these prices have been increased to £4.25, £8.50, and £16.50. The adjusted prices can be seen in the picture below.

Gears 5

According to a comment made on the Gears of War subreddit from The Coalition, the original pricing was incorrect and had to be adjusted in regions outside of the US. The development studio didn’t know that the change was being made, so they were not able to warn players before it happened.

The comment came from OctusTC from The Coalition. They stated: “So we’ve been seeking out answers on this morning – we don’t actually control the MS Store conversion rates of Iron and it appears this was done due to some conversion rates being off.

“Iron costs $5, and the price changes have aligned to the actual conversion rates apparently (ie. Iron being $5 USD + Tax).

“To be frank, we were not aware this change was coming or we would have at least communicated on it with some context rather than the out-of-left-field surprise it’s turned out to be. That’s on us and we’ll establish better processes with our partners for the future. I also want to reiterate that we are continuing to bring your feedback into the studio on pricing and discussions are ongoing. I know that feels like a hollow statement at this point – you want action, obviously – but we want you to know that your feedback is being heard.”

As pointed out by Eurogamer, the last statement in the comment from OctusTC was referring to the feud between the Gears community and the cosmetics in Gears 5. The game did launch with some fairly expensive cosmetics. The debacle only got worse when The Coalition unveiled the Delivery Driver Mac skin came out for 1000 Iron which will cost you £8.50 now and a new execution that would cost you £7.

Whatever your thoughts are on the cosmetics and microtransactions that are in Gears 5, there is almost no debate on how fantastic the game is. If you still haven’t popped in, I would highly recommend it.