Gears 5 Teased as Phil Spencer Shares an Underwhelming Photo

Gears 5 Teased as Phil Spencer Shares an Underwhelming Photo

Phil Spencer took a trip to see Gears 5 and shared a rather uneventful photo of the game.

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer headed over to The Coalition Studio’s to see the progress on their upcoming Gears 5. Of course, despite Xbox Games Studios being the publisher for the upcoming title, Spencer still had to adhere to keeping things hush hush.

After Spencer Tweeted that he was heading to see Rod Fergusson, the Creative Head of the studio, a user commented: “Shame we don’t get to see anything”. Things have been rather quiet since Gears 5 was announced last year with a dramatic cinematic trailer. We’ve also seen some screenshots after the trailer landed.

Spencer replied saying that he’d see if he can “sneak some spy shots past Rod and tweet them out”, leaving everyone keeping eyes on that conversation hanging for some gameplay, maybe even some artwork.

Spencer did manage to sneakily grab a photo, although the result was rather lacking. But no fear, I’ve done some “Enhance, enhance!” to try and pick out some details. Here’s the photo.

So, what can we see? Well, the room we’re seeing inside of is “The Hollow” I believe the sign says and there’s a lot of Xbox’s situated next to monitors. A lot of cables too. Someone in the background there appears to be saying, “I want the guns to be bigger. This big.” Either that or they’re making an explosion sound.

As for the main focus, the two screens in the foreground seem to be showing two developers playing Gears 5 instead of listening to the conversation about big guns. We can just about make out the positioning on the HUD, donning a rather informative but minimalistic layout, One character appears to be in cover and the other looking towards a figure in the sky.

It looks as if the two are also connected, perhaps playing multiplayer together or maybe they’re testing the same area out on different single-player saves. It’s not much to go on and Phil Spencer hasn’t shown off any more photos so, for now, I guess we have to wait until we see more.

Gears 5 doesn’t have a confirmed release date as of yet, but we do know that it’ll be launching on Xbox One and PC.