Gears 5 Quitters Will Have Accounts Suspended with New Penalty System

Gears 5 players who quit ranked matches frequently can now be suspended with more time added the longer they continue.

There are always those types of players that can suck the fun out of games by joining online ranked matches and then just dropping out. They leave the team a man down which can usually be a large disadvantage. Of course, some players might quit due to understandable reasons, such as connection issues, or unexpected circumstances leading to them needing to switch off. However, some people do this intentionally, or just out of selfishness, and Gears 5 developer The Coalition is not messing around.

Tweeted last week, The Coalition addressed the situation surrounding quitters receiving suspensions from Gears 5 lasting from a month to even a year due to prior behavior.

On October 10, when the tweet was posted, they announced that those who were impacted by the suspension would be un-suspended from the game, but would instead be one quit away from being suspended again. The un-suspension acting as a warning to those who frequently quit online ranked matches.

One Twitter user reached out a day before the above tweet to complain about receiving a 640-day suspension which prompted a response from Dana Sissons, Director of Communications at Microsoft for Gears of War. He clarified that after investigation, the account in question was a “chronic quitter”, quitting 18 out of 21 matches in a day. Dana explained that the player quitting ruined the game for the other 9 people in those matches.

Of course, what if you’re playing a Gears 5 ranked match and you end up with an internet outage? Dana confirmed with another user that players will be able to rejoin the match if it’s still in progress, and if you continue to play without quitting, you’ll work off your quit penalty.

The quit penalty is live in Gears 5 and works as an escalating penalty, meaning the more you quit the longer the suspension will become.

The game had the biggest launch of any Microsoft game this generationGears 5 is available on PC and Xbox One.

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