Gears 5 Adds WWE’s The New Day as Playable Characters via DLC

Gears 5 Adds WWE’s The New Day as Playable Characters via DLC

Gears 5 gets an injection of fun and pancakes as the WWE's The New Day is joining Dave Batista as wrestlers in The Coalition's shooter.

The roots between WWE and the Gears of War team appears to run deep. Last year, the team added Dave Batista as a skin in Gears 5. Now, Big Dave isn’t an active WWE Superstar, spending more of his time yacking it up with that crew that guards the universe or whatever. However, the newest set of wrestlers to make their way into the Gears 5 universe are active talent. Announced today via Xavier Woods’ Twitter, The New Day is coming soon to an Xbox near you.

As of this writing, it doesn’t appear that The New Day skins have a release date. They don’t appear to be a part of today’s Operation 5: Hollow Storm patch. However, the materials might just not be updated yet. Either way, this is a super cool move for wrestling fans everywhere. Having three of the biggest names in the community featuring in a major video game is, without a doubt, a big deal. You also have to wonder if we’ll get any other pro wrestlers down the line.

It’s worth noting that, as briefly touched on above, this isn’t the only Gears 5 news today. The Hollow Storm patch is bringing several multiplayer updates to the game. Expect several new fan-favorite characters and some familiar maps when you log on. And, of course, the new battle pass has tons of unlocks.

That said, The New Day’s invasion is the big news here. Expect to see Woods, Kofi, and Big E on the battlefield soon. Gears 5 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.