Review: Gears of War 2: Dark Corners

Review: Gears of War 2: Dark Corners

Everyone is familiar with Gears of War 2 and the fact that they release new maps every so often. Well Dark Corners is the newest installment of DLC that looks to add a different dimension to the Gears universe by introducing a deleted scene and more new online maps. Does the new DLC offer enough for a download or is it just another case of waiting until these bad boys go to the free bin?

Dark corners offers fans of Gears new multiplayer maps like Nowhere, Allfathers Garden, Memorial, Highway, Sanctuary, Way Station and War Machine and Road to Ruin a deleted scene that got cut from the original. Lets start with Road to Ruin, which is really where many gamers interests are peaked, or at least mine was. The deleted scene offers a new “stealth” portion to the game where Dom and Marcus traverse into the locust hive after Marcus’ wife has been killed. You can actually choose to go in guns blazing or put on Theron armor and sneak your way past the Locust.

Road to Ruin is split up in to 4 main sections of enemies, in “stealth” mode you can easily sneak through the first three parts undetected until the fourth part where you will encounter a Brumak and also run into an old friend that will help you on your way. The “stealth” section is pretty simplistic in nature and has you following Marcus from area to area. As long as you stay far enough away from the enemies they won’t smell or detect you. Going in the “stealth” mode actually helps you see what enemies are awaiting you for when you choose to go in guns blazing.

If you opt to go in guns blazing, expect a difficult gunfight the whole way through. You can run through the deleted scene in “stealth” mode pretty quickly, 20 or so minutes, while guns blazing will roughly take you twice as long to finish. Once you have gotten your fill of the new scene there really isn’t a reason to re-visit the deleted scene. Stealth mode is interesting, but it does make some sense why it was removed as it really takes a strong departure from the basis of Gears, shoot the Locust.

Gears of War 2 Dark Corners maps

The multiplayer maps are really where this DLC shines. The maps give you a fuller online multiplayer experience and really show off the game in different settings. Of greatest note is the Nowhere map, here you are pretty much battling in an abandoned gas station with the dust and tumbleweeds passing you by. The addition of the new maps brings the total online map count to over 25 and if you are a fan of death matches, Wingman or King of the Hill, this will help expand your experience.

Dark Corners weighs in at 1200 points for the 7 new maps and the deleted campaign level, or you can opt to drop 1600 points for the deleted level, the 7 new maps and all map previous packs released before it( Combustible, Snowblind & Flashback packs). The major question on everyone’s mind is if this DLC is worth the money? I opted to grab the 1200 point version to experience the new deleted scene, but if this is the only thing that you are interested then you are overpaying. If your interest is in the multiplayer maps then definitely pick it up and the deleted scene is a nice bonus.

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