Gears of War 3 Limited and Epic Edition Revealed

Gears of War 3 Limited and Epic Edition Revealed

While everyone is just about finishing up with the Gears of War 3 Beta on their Xbox 360’s, it’s time that Epic games announced the Limited and Epic Editions for the title, which releases on September 20th.

First up is the Limited Edition pictured below.

The Limited Edition will retail for $80.00 and consists of a unique code to unlock Marcus father, Adam Fenix, in multiplayer, the personal effects of Adam Fenix, which include his Last Will and Testament, the schematics for the Hammer of Dawn and some other miscellaneous trinkets, a fabric blue and white COG flag, and two medals that were given to Adam Fenix for his work on the Hammer of Dawn.

Not a bad deal for only $20.00 above retail.

Next up is the Epic Edition.

The Epic Edition, as it’s name suggests, is a bit larger and size and comes with everything mentioned above as well as a Collectible Marcus Fenix Statue, which was made by Chris Perna, art director of Gears of War 2 and sculptors at Triforce, and a 96 page booklet called The Art and Design of Gears of War that features everything you would ever want to know about the franchise, including interviews with the development team at Epic Games, photos, and concept art.

The booklet is penned by Why Video Games Matter author Tom Bissell, who also wrote a great piece about Cliff Bleszinski, who was then still going by the image of Cliffy B, for the New Yorker. If you have the time, you should check out both the book and his article, as he is one of the best writers involved in the video game industry to date.

The only time I ever bought a Collector’s Edition was for Marvel vs Capcom 3 and it was pretty disappointing. It turns out both Jill and Shuma Gorath were pretty mediocre editions, the comic book was terrible, and the case, while nicely rendered, was not worth the price of admission. But these Gears of War collector’s editions look to give you a bit more bang for your buck, particularly the Limited Edition, which includes a lot of extra content for only $20.00 more than traditional retail prices.