Gears of War 3: The OMG Wrap Up

Loads of information have been popping up since last Thursday about arguably one of 2011’s biggest game releases, Gears of War 3. To make life easy, I’m throwing all the important stuff in bullet style for you after break. Expect alot of ‘Oh my Gods’ and ‘No Ways’. Well, maybe that was just me. It’s an action-packed wrap-up of all things Delta Squad.

  • First off, the game’s been delayed to the holiday season of 2011 from it’s original spring 2011 window. My best guess would be November 7th, just like the two previous games in the series. If you think that won’t happen since it’s a break away from the usual Tuesday release, Gears 2 launched on the 7th of November 2008, a Friday.

My thoughts: The game got pushed since as of right now, they have no major headlining game for 2011. There’s no Call of Duty as of right now for next year since Infinity Ward is still rebuilding, and no Halo either since Bungie is gone and I’m sure 343 isn’t gonna pump another game out so close to Halo: Reach’s release. Gears of War 3 is gonna be a big marketing push for Microsoft in 2011, and the holiday season helps it even more.

  • Gears of War 3 will have a multiplayer beta in early 2011. No dates have been set except for that window, and it seems Epic’s really excited about this beta. They have always been vocal about doing betas for nothing, so expect this beta to be legit.

My thoughts: Be excited. Epic’s gonna do this beta the Bungie way, taking feedback and suggestions from the community, and they have enough time to implement changes. I would think this beta is gonna ship on Bulletstorm, a new IP co-worked by Epic, and like Crackdown with the Halo 3 beta, and even ODST with Reach’s beta, it will help sell copies and bring more people to the new IP.

  • Dedicated Servers coming to Gears. One of the best things about this delay is that Epic will get to try out it’s dedicated servers that they will be hosting.

My thoughts. Simple enough.

  • Loads of customization. Unlockable skins for multiplayer characters, different colored lancers, what else can someone ask for.

My thoughts: Something I’ve been asking for a long time. Gears is a very basic shooter in the customization aspect. You pick from a set of characters, choose between Lancer and Hammerburst, and go on your way. BORING! Now if you want a pink Lancer and a sawed-off shotgun, you can do it. If you want all that, and Cole Train in a football uniform? You can have it.

  • Executions to Party to like it’s 1999. Stick a scorcher in somebody’s gut and light them up. Rip somebody’s arm off and beat the person to death with it. Just got the sudden death kill in a game with an execution? Hold that button down longer, and start dancing over that dead body like, well…it’s 1999.

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My thoughts: I thought Gears 2 had some pretty crazy executions but this game takes it to the next level. Honestly, I’ll never get tired of ripping some dude’s arm off, smacking him around with, whilst making dirty sexual jokes.

Loads of news, and theres even more of the web. What kind of person would I be if I hid it from you. Below are some links to mega hands on previews from people at the press event at Epic, some MP and Execution footage, and some interviews.

Interview with Cliff Bleszinski – Xbox 360 Achievements

Studio Tour Part 1 – Xbox 360 Achievements

Studio Tour Part 2 – Xbox 360 Achievements

MEGA Hands on Preview – Xbox 360 Achievements

MP and Execution Footage – Joystiq

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