Gears of War 4 Rise of the Horde Update is Free, Comes with New Maps, Modes, Permadeath Mode and More

Rise of the Horde is the largest update ever for Gears of War 4, and it even includes a new permadeath mode.

Microsoft and The Coalition today announced the largest update ever for Gears of War 4 with Rise of the Horde. The update will go live to all users beginning on June 6th, and those who do not own the game will also be able to try it out with a free trial lasting for one week from June 9th – June 15th.

As the name implies, the game’s Horde mode will see a lot of updates. First off, all of your skills can be upgraded to level six, and you’ll also be able to earn fifteen new skills with three in each of the game’s five classes. Drops will occur more often and boss levels now will drop a Horde skill with its level of quality directly dependent on the difficulty level. Of course, higher difficulty levels will net better quality items. As with their previous updates, season pass holders will also receive some bonus items when the update goes live. A total of five Horde skills and a Horde Expert Pack will be waiting for you when you sign in on June 6th.

If you thought that Insane mode was the hardest that Gears of War 4 could get, well, you were wrong. Two, more difficult modes were added with Inconceviable and Ironman. The first, Inconceviable, makes you weaker and your enemies stronger than in Insane mode. The Ironman setting will be available through any difficulty level and serves as a permadeath mode. One death, whether in campaign or multiplayer, ends your game and starts you all the way back at the beginning. So, those of you who are truly insane (pun intended) can truly do something inconceivable (also intended) and see how far you can get with Ironman turned on in the highest difficulty.

Achievement hunters can earn 20 new achievements worth 500 Gamerscore and test out the two new maps; Avalanche and Rust Lung. A special event in Versus mode, the Golden Gun, has also been announced. An interesting take that should require more strategy than anything else in the game so far, you’ll have only one bullet in a hip fire Boltok. Reloading will only occur if you hit the enemy, so needless to say you’re in trouble if you miss.

For those who take advantage of the free trial, both Versus and Horde mode will be available online along with the first act of the campaign. You’ll be able to play up to ten hours but your progress will carry over should you purchase the full game.

Take a look at the two new maps and trailer below. The the update will go live on June 6th. Gears of War 4 is out now on both Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere title.

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