Gears of War Movie in Development Hell

Gears of War Movie in Development Hell

Announced back in 2007, the Gears of War movie has been on and off up until now. Budgeting issues and uncertainty of directors have riddled the Gears of War movie project, and it has been a rocky journey to say the least. What is the future looking like for this movie? We may have some answers.

A Game Front interview with Cliff Bleszinski, design director for Epic Games, reveals a bit about just what exactly is going on. When asked about the Gears of War movie, this is what he had to say:

“It’s in development hell right now. Who knows what’ll happen. It took however many years for Peter Jackson to make Lord of the Rings. Hollywood is a complicated beast. There’s all sorts of weirdness going on with who’s working on it, what’s going on here and there. But, hopefully it happens. Maybe the Gears 3 success will generate more interest in it. I’d love to see it. I’d rather have a movie that’s great and true to the franchise, than a movie that sucks. I’d rather not have a movie, than a movie that sucks.”

There you have it. For the time being, it isn’t moving along anywhere anytime soon.

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