Gears of War Triple Pack Coming Soon

By John Colaw

January 18, 2011

With the huge release of Gears of War 3 looming on the horizon, anybody looking to catch up on the series needs to look no farther than February 15th, when the Gears of War Triple Pack will be released in North America. As the very clear cover (though slightly misleading title) will indicate, it features the original two games as well as the “All Fronts Pack” DLC for Gears of War 2.

While the All Fronts DLC is pretty big and definitely worth noting it’s inclusion, it’s pretty unfortunate that they decided to call this the “Triple” pack yet it really only features two games. I imagine many upset gamers opening this up as a gift from well meaning parents or friends who meant to get Gears of War 3 later down the line.

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