First Gameplay Footage for Gears POP! Has Arrived and It Looks Fine

Following its reveal earlier this year, the first gameplay footage for Gears POP! has today been unveiled.

November 14, 2018

Microsoft and The Coalition took a lot of folks aback earlier this year during E3 2018 when they announced Gears POP!, a new mobile game in the Gears of War universe that featured Funko Pops as all of the main characters.

Fast forward to today and we have now received the first gameplay footage and explanation of just how Gears POP! will work. The game is PvP based with each match taking place over the course of three minutes. What sets this game apart from other titles that are similar in the mobile space, according to the game’s lead producer, is that Gears POP! prominently takes into account cover, utilizes the grand weapons and explosives that are seen in the core Gears games, and also features many of the characters we’re familiar with from the series.

After explaining these core tenants of Gears POP! in the opening of this new video, we then see how a match will typically play out. Honestly, it looks fine. By no means do I think it looks bad, but it doesn’t set itself apart from what seems like dozens of other mobile games I’ve seen of this kind in the mobile space. While I didn’t have extremely high expectations for Gears POP!, this looks like any other mobile game of this genre with the Gears of War iconography slapped on it.

Still, I’ll reserve my full judgment until the game is finally released. Gears POP! should be launching at some point in 2019.

As for today’s new gameplay video, it’s attached below. Check it out and let me know what you think for yourself in the comments.

Logan Moore

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