Optic Gaming Crush Ghost Gaming at Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open

Optic Gaming Crush Ghost Gaming at Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open

Optic Gaming continues to take over the eSports world with a confident victory against Ghost Gaming at Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open.

San Deigo was host to the latest Gears Pro Circuit event over the weekend which saw an abundance of well-known teams battling it out for a shot at the title including Echo Fox, Nimbus,  Reciprocity, and Spacestation with Optic Gaming and Ghost Gaming going head-to-head in the grand finals.

Sporting a team of Solurs, Praized, SuMuNs, MentaL, and Xplosive; Optic Gaming was looking strong from the very beginning. Opposing them was Ghost Gaming’s outfit which was comprised of Sleepytime, Rushman, Rezik, Speedy, and Identivez who were coming off the back of 2-1 victory against Spacestation.

The 11th Gears Open saw a dominant performance from Optic Gaming as they shut down Ghost Gaming’s advances at every turn. Having already beaten Ghost Gaming during the tournament’s winners’ finals Optic made their way through Ghost’s defenses with an air of ease throughout the set to claim a confident victory which saw the team walking away with the title of Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open champions along with the whopping $100,000 dollar prize.

Gears 4 is available now on Xbox One. There are also more Gears of War titles in the pipeline including the continuation of the ongoing core series in the form of Gears 5 alongside the adorable offshoot Gears POP! which was announced at E3 earlier this year. You can check out the San Diego Open’s final set in the video below.