Gears Tactics to be Shown Next Month at The Game Awards

Gears Tactics to be Shown Next Month at The Game Awards

Microsoft and The Coalition are finally ready to talk more about Gears Tactics after over a year of waiting.

After being briefly revealed back at E3 2018, Gears Tactics, the spin-off strategy game set in the Gears universe, hasn’t been seen or heard from whatsoever. At long last though, it seems as though The Coalition and Microsoft are finally ready to break that silence and show more of the game in just a few short weeks.

Announced this afternoon over on Twitter, it was stated that Gears Tactics will make an appearance next month at The Game Awards 2019. Specifics on what will be shown or discussed of the project weren’t given, other than that this will be a “new look” at the game. A trailer or gameplay footage of some sort seems to be very likely to make an appearance, based on that wording.

While The Game Awards are known most synonymously for, you know, giving out awards to the year’s best games, the show has also always focused on upcoming releases or reveals from other developers and publishers in the industry. As of this writing, many of the other reveals and showings that are planned to take place at the event haven’t been divulged, but that will likely change in the coming weeks.

The Game Awards 2019 are set to take place next month on Thursday, December 12. As for The Coalition, the studio just released Gears 5 earlier this fall and is available now on Xbox One and PC.