Gears of War 4 March Update out Today, Adds Two New Maps

Gears of War 4 March Update out Today, Adds Two New Maps

Two new maps, ranked lobbies, and improvements to the Gnasher are among some of the new additions.

The newest update to Gears of War 4’s multiplayer has gone live today and it contains a ton of new content. The most prominent new additions in this March update is the inclusion of two new maps which are now available for season pass owners before being available to all players next week on March 14.

The first map, titled Diner, is an all new map from The Coalition. The interior of this old restaurant is tight and focused so you better be able to handle yourself in close-quarters combat. The parking lot of the map opens things up a bit more, but look out for enemies who may control the sniper that spawns inside of the diner’s interior.

The next map is Old Town and should be familiar to old time Gears fans. Old Town makes its return from Gears of War 3 but has been reimagined in a new locale. Most fans will be familiar with the map’s three lane structure. If you aren’t, then you better acquaint yourself quickly and learn where the weapon drop points are, lest you be obliterated by a Boomshot or Dropshot.

Also included in this March update is the inclusion of Ranked Lobbies for Core and Competitive playlists. This long requested feature allows for smoother matchmaking in Ranked playlists and keeps players from having to manually restart your search for a new game when your current match ends. More tuning adjustments are expected to follow with this feature over the next few weeks.

Lastly, the Gnasher weapon has received a new patch that should help it to be more consistent at close-range. This has been a complaint from fans for awhile and The Coalition has been well aware of it. If you want to read a detailed breakdown of the changes to the weapon, be sure check out the game’s official website.

You can read the full list of update features and learn more about what’s to come for the future of Gears 4 multiplayers, be sure to check out the extended details for yourself here. You can also watch the two new trailers for both Diner and Old Town below to see how each map is laid out.