New Maps, Features, Content, and Deals Announced for Gears of War 4

New Maps, Features, Content, and Deals Announced for Gears of War 4

The march of new content for Gears of War fans continues this December with the second major update for Gears of War 4, The Coalition announced today. Arriving on December 6, this update adds extra value for season pass holders and includes two brand new maps and fixes and improvements.

Following the release of maps Checkout and Drydock last month, the two brand new battlegrounds arriving with the December update include Speyer, a lonely district that offers a still image of pre-Locust War life, and Glory, a COG battery that was used only against the most strategic targets to maintain its secrecy.

Both maps will be added to public playlists starting December 13, meaning that both Gridlock and Relic will be saying goodbye for now. As a reminder, all maps in Gears of War 4 are added to playlists for free, with maps rotating in and out of public playlists.

This latest update also has several highly requested improvements along with some new features including a daily rewards system, improved visual feedback for damage dealt with the Gnasher, vertical split-screen for Windows 10 players, and improvements to footstep audio balance.

Lastly, with this update season pass holders will earn additional XP and credit rewards when playing the developer playlist during the week it’s available. They’ll continue getting early access to new maps and have access to all DLC maps permanently for use in versus and horde private matches.

Flythroughs of each of the new maps can be found below: