Gears of War Developer Rod Fergusson Wants the Brumak Added to Monster Hunter: World

One of the biggest names behind Gears of War has kickstarted a campaign to get the famed Brumak into Capcom's Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter: World has easily been one of the most popular games of 2018 so far, and Capcom has been fantastic with dealing out new content regularly since release. According to one noteworthy developer though, there’s one new monstrous addition that he’d soon love to see in the monster hunting title.

Earlier today, The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson, the studio head of the team behind Gears of War 4, tweeted that he’d love to get the Brumak added to Monster Hunter: World. Those who have played Gears of War are likely familiar with one of the game’s largest foes, which is a beast that comes with guns mounted on its wrists. According to Fergusson though, those guns would be optional if the Brumak found its way to Monster Hunter.

While there’s no guarantee that this pairing will come to fruition, it definitely seems to make perfect sense for both parties and would give Xbox One players of Monster Hunter: World some first exclusive content for their own platform. Up until now, the PS4 has been the only platform to boast exclusive content via the addition of Aloy, the protagonist from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Her inclusion alongside other noteworthy characters such as Mega Man and Dante in Monster Hunter: World proves that Capcom is absolutely open to the possibility of bringing in characters from other franchises.

So what do you think? Does this pairing of the Brumak and Monster Hunter: World make sense? Be sure to let us know down below while also checking out Fergusson’s tweet that kicked off this entire conversation.

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