Geek Resort – Tycoon Genre, Meet Zombies, Manga and Giant Robots

on November 26, 2013 11:12 AM

Developers at AMA and Shinypix have come together to introduce the first “tycoon game for geeks” with Geek Resort, which challenges players to build and enhance attractions to build the best park possible using themes from comics, techno, fantasy, horror, sci-fi and manga.

But as a famous and friendly neighborhood wallcrawler once said, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and so players have to manage income and expenses, hire staff, maintain attractions and keep their park clean to make their resort stay open. Besides management, players also have to keep an eye out for special surprises, especially with zombie attacks, hacks and other random catastrophes possible at any time.

Geek Resort is meant to be as reverent of geek culture as it is a parody, with winks and tributes to numerous franchises. Players can entirely customize their park by choosing attractions, decorations, animated tiles, cosplayers, themes and more. Players can also invite their friends, give Geek Smiles and climb the leaderboard via social features.

Most surprisingly, Geek Resort will also have 3D printing functionality, allowing players to (after an update) use the FabZat plugin to customize and order the real figurines of their favorite geeks.

Geek Resort is now available free on Android devices and soon on iOS devices. Geek Resort has four themes available at launch, including comics, manga, technology and fantasy, and will receive many new updates that include new themes, buildings, decorations and geeks, like horror and sci-fi. The game is also looking to get greenlit on Steam, so check out the Geek Resort Steam page to support it.

For a closer look at the game, check out the trailers and screenshots of the geeks and attractions below.

Teaser Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

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