Generation Zero’s Announcement Trailer Introduces Four Players Against Deadly Machines

Generation Zero’s Announcement Trailer Introduces Four Players Against Deadly Machines

Avalanche Studios has announced Generation Zero, a survival title against machines that's due to arrive on consoles and PC next year.

Avalanche Studios has unleashed a brand new announcement trailer for Generation Zero, a title due to launch next year and set in an open-world in a reimagined 1980’s Sweden. The trailer that can be viewed below shows human survivors battling against hostile mechanical beings that are certainly not friendly.

The video introduces us to four survivors, then the machines, and then we’re shown gameplay that shows a first-person perspective with weapons such as snipers, grenades, and assault rifles.

The end of the trailer seems to show us a large machine that seems to signify a boss or at least a very tough enemy.

Generation Zero finds survivors trying to survive while deadly machines hunt them down across a large open-world. The world is stated to be rendered using the developer’s Apex engine, previously seen in titles such as theHunter: Call of the Wild, but also being used for the upcoming Rage 2 title. It will feature unpredictable weather, complex AI behavior, simulated ballistics, and a day/night cycle.

Up to four players will take to the landscape and work together to survive. It’s possible for a player to experience the game alone as well. The machines that wander the landscape will take on permanent damage. So if a player destroys certain parts of a machine and that machine survives for another fight, the damage will still be prominent.

Avalanche Studios includes the minds behind titles such as Just Cause, theHunter: The Call of the Wild, Mad Max, and is also co-developing the upcoming Rage 2.

We’ve got some official screenshots below as well as the trailer. Generation Zero is due to hit PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms in 2019.