Genesis Alpha One’s Newest Video Introduces Cloning

Genesis Alpha One’s Newest Video Introduces Cloning

Take a tour of Genesis Alpha One's cloning laboratories and create weird human/alien hybrids.

Today, Team17 — the publisher behind the recent Yooka-Laylee — and German developer Radiation Blue released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi title: Genesis Alpha One.

The new video specifically hones in on the game’s cloning system. In your cloning laboratories clones can be created and added to your crew. As the video points out, throughout the game you will encounter a variety of alien species whose DNA you will be able to harvest and used to improve your crew. This in short allows for the creation of hybrid, specialized human/alien beings perfect for the Genesis program.

For those that don’t know: Genesis Alpha One is Radiation Blue’s first release. But that isn’t to say the team is comprised of developers new to the industry, rather within it is a bunch who have worked on games such as The Settlers and Spec Ops: The Line.

The game itself is described as mix between the rogue-like formula, first-person shooting, base building games, and survival games.

You play as an interstellar pioneer in a near future that has been left in a ravaged state from wars, corrupt regimes, and uncheck global capitalism. Earth is bone-dry of resources, been devastated by pollution, and is experiencing a societal collapse. In the wake of this, a few remaining governments and four prominent corporations team up for the Genesis program.

Captaining the Genesis starship, you will trek across uncharted space all while building and managing your ship, farming resources, encountering aliens, dealing with alien infestations, and cloning the perfect crew. The goal? To build a home for humanity in a vast, procedurally generated universe.

Genesis Alpha One is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It currently is without a release date. Below, you can check out the new trailer and learn more about the game’s cloning: