Genesis Noir is a Stylish Cosmic Adventure That You Need to See

Genesis Noir is a cosmic adventure that looks like nothing else coming out of E3 this week. The game lets you experience a love story that takes place over eons.

By Ricky Frech

June 11, 2019

E3 2019 has been full of well-made trailers. That said, I don’t know if anything I’ve seen so far is as immediately eye-catching as Genesis Noir. You explore a love triangle that lasts for eons and must find a way to save your love. It only requires you to stop the universe from expanding. No big deal. Get lost in the trailer below.

The game has a completely unique look. It takes a grimly dark noir style and applies it to a completely different genre. Genesis Noir takes that look and many of the genre staples to the stars to make the game look like nothing else. From the jazzy soundtrack to the dark, cartoonish visuals to the focus on crime, this is a game for noir fans who don’t mind a little sci-fi.

As an adventure game, Genesis Noir places a focus on “exploration, tactile interactions, and generative art”. Perspective will change often and you’ll need to work out the solutions to many small puzzles. The game asks you to use your creativity as you explore the world and find ways to make your mark in the universe. The love story forms the main thrust of the narrative. However, it appears that you’ll take a relatively windy path to reach the end of that story.

Even if games like Genesis Noir don’t hit it out of the park, I’m glad that things like this can get made. It looks like a wholly different experience from anything you’ll find on the E3 show floor and something worth playing. The game is coming to Mac and PC, but a release date has not been announced. Keep your browser tuned to DualShockers to get info on all the latest games coming out of E3.

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