Idea Factory International Comments on Possibility of Localizing Non-English Genkai Tokki Sequels

Idea Factory International Comments on Possibility of Localizing Non-English Genkai Tokki Sequels

After the announcement of Moero Chronicles on PC, Idea Factory International gives a comment about the game's sequels.

You might not have ever heard about the the Genkai Tokki series, but it is known amongst fans of a particular liking of a certain type of niche games. The series itself features RPG gameplay mechanics, with plenty of monster girl fanservice.

But besides that, the series also holds a pretty important spot in publisher Idea Factory International’s history. Back in 2014, the first entry in the Genkai Tokki series, Monster Monpiece, was the first published game from the localization team, which released digitally on the PlayStation Vita.

Since Monster Monpiece’s release, Genki Tokki has accumulated multiple sequels. One of which, Genki Tokki: Moero Chronicle, received an English sub in Asian. However, none of the sequels that followed would get the same treatment, this includes Genki Tokki: Moero Crystal and Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates.

Recently, Idea Factory International announced they will bring Moero Chronicle to the west, unaltered, for PC-via Steam. This will be a port of the PlayStation Vita version that was previously released in Asia, updated to be rendered in 1080p.

During a conversation with DualShockers, we asked Idea Factory International’s PR representatives Ari Advincula and David Alonzo if the publisher had any interest in localizing the sequels on PC as well, Ari gave a firm, “We’ll see.” and followed up with, “We brought Monster Monpiece to PC and now we’re bringing over Moero [Chronicle], so depending on how this does, we could possibly bring over the sequel.”

Currently, Compile Heart is developing Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers for PlayStation 4.

As it stands, Idea Factory International is gearing up to launch Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds PC, Mary Skelter: NightmaresCyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online, and Moero Chronicle. 

The most recent release from the publisher is Dark Rose Valkyrie on PlayStation 4, an RPG developed by Tales of series scenario writer Takumi Miyajima and Tales of series character designer Kosuke Fujishima.

Additionally, the PC version of Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls launched on June 12.