Genre-Blending Mash Up Game Concursion Looking For Greenlight On Steam

on March 19, 2014 1:30 PM

It seems like no matter how advanced modern gaming gets (hell, we’ve spent the last half day looking at Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headsets) fans and developers alike will inevitably look back fondly at the classic games that created the industry as it stands today. Usually this nostalgia is part of a trend in creating retro-styled games on modern platforms, but Puuba Games seeks to do it one better, introducing Concursion, a game that celebrates retro gaming as a whole, with five classic gaming genres blended all into one game.

InĀ Concursion, rips in the fabric of reality can change the gameplay between hack-and-slashers, side-scrolling space-shooters, platformers, arcade maze-navigations, racers and occasionally others like RPGs and dancing, bringing your protagonist through a variety of challenges and experiences. One second you may be desperately dodging asteroids out in the middle of space, the next you may fall through a rip into a Pac-Man-like maze looking for a rip into your next world. Sure, we’ve seen things like this in games where secret rooms open up into retro gaming Easter Egg sections (Rage and Deadpool immediately come to mind) but Concursion aspires to greater heights with an entire game based on genre-bending gameplay.

Concursion is set to release to PC and Mac platforms sometime this Summer, and is looking for your support to get greenlit on Steam Greenlight. For a closer look at what the game offers, check out the trailer and gallery below, and the Puuba website for more Concursion details.

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