Genshin, Honkai Impact Devs Tease New Game Via Recruitment Page

Genshin and Honkai Impact developer miHoYo (HoYoverse) is teasing another new game

April 25, 2022

Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd fans have another unannounced game to look forward to, as miHoYo Japan is teasing a brand new project in its new recruitment drive.

miHoYo, also known as HoYoverse, is the successful developer of Honkai, Genshin Impact, and many other projects such as Tears of Themis or virtual actress Lumi N0va. The company initially based in Shangai is teasing another project now, and looks like it’s different from Honkai Star Rail.

miHoYo Japan Teases New Game in Recruitment Drive

miHoYo Japan published on March 25 a new recruitment drive, on Twitter. Nothing unusual there. miHoYo Japan regularly hires new recruits and regularly makes similar announcements on Twitter. Most notably for its marketing team and its translation teams, as the developers are constantly trying to improve the Japanese translation for time-limited events. Several Japanese voiced lines with weird grammar were changed over time too when compared to Genshin Impact 1.0.


However, the image tweeted with the recruitment announcement is what has been piquing my interest. Three doors represent three different projects among the many projects developed by miHoYo. Check it out below.

The Honkai 4 Galaxia game project

The left door is Teyvat, where Genshin Impact takes place in, and is an iconic word of the game’s lore. Similarly, the Hyperion is the home battleship of Honkai Impact 3rd, housing the player and the Valkyries. However, nothing comes to mind when it comes to Galaxia, hinting it’s a new project. Possibly the Honkai 4 Galaxia that was trademarked back in 2020, before the Honkai Star Rail trademark.

It’s also important to note that Honkai Star Rail already had a beta test, and as far as I know, there is nothing named “Galaxia” with the same importance as “Teyvat” or “Hyperion” in the game’s lore. Further hinting that Galaxia is not referring to Honkai Star Rail but to Honkai 4 Galaxia or another new project. The same train of thought was also shared on Twitter by UBatcha, a pillar of the Genshin Impact English community.

Honkai Star Rail currently has another beta test going on. However, this time players are forbidden from sharing gameplay and details. This is a surprising move from miHoYo. Because the beta tests of Genshin Impact prior release and the first Honkai Star Rail beta test had no restrictions like these. Meanwhile, Genshin Impact will enter its Version 2.6 on March 30. What do you think Galaxia could be referring to? Let us know in the comments below!

New Teaser Revealed (Update)

Another picture was shared by miHoYo Japan on April 20, showing the same location inside their office but from a different angle. The corridor’s walls have a timeline featuring all of the HoYoverse projects. While most of the timeline is obscured, we can spot “Honkai 3rd” and its release year, 2016. If you take a closer look at that spot, there are at least two branches in the timeline sprouting from the same part of the tree as Honkai Impact 3rd. One of these branches should be the new upcoming game Honkai Star Rail, while the other one would be this new unannounced game.

Iyane Agossah

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