Genshin Impact 1.5 Leaks: No Chasm, 3 New Events, Zhongli rerun, New Weekly, World Boss, Housing System Detailed

More leaks from the upcoming Genshin Impact 1.5 Update.

Genshin Impact‘s popularity has grown immensely over the months and it still remains to be one of the most played games out there. miHoYo has a long roadmap for the game, with an update coming as early as every six weeks. Each of these updates adds new characters, regions, quests, and much more.

After the highly anticipated release of the 1.4 Update, miHoYo started the beta testing for the 1.5 version. However, things didn’t turn out quite well for them and a lot of leaks started surfacing online. This made them cancel the beta testing altogether. While the beta testing is no longer running as per reports, the leaks seem to be still dropping.

Genshin Impact 1.5 Leaks: No Chasm, 3 New Events, Zhongli rerurn, Housing System Detailed

The latest leak gives comes from Genshin Impact leaker Zeniet and it significant information about the 1.5 Update which is slated to release at the end of April. First up, we have three new events which will be making their way into the game. What these events are isn’t revealed entirely, but keeping into consideration the past events, we can expect them to hand out a number of rewards. Apart from that, the leak that would disappoint most fans is that the Chasm region will not be coming in the next update.

This is quite interesting considering the fact that the Inazuma region is speculated to release in 1.6 and if the Chasm region isn’t released in 1.5, that might push Inazuma even further. We also get quite a detailed video on the housing system and it seems like there is a lot in that segment. Last but not the least, we will be getting a new weekly and world boss as well, which will include Dahaka, a huge boss which players have to fight in an expansive arena.

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