Genshin Impact 1 Billion Primogems: When Will I Get My Cut?

Wondering when your payout is coming from the Wish Upon a Lantern event? Look no further.

It’s no secret just how popular the free-to-play open-world JRPG Genshin Impact is. With a player base estimated to be around 39 million at its peak, the game is absolutely one of last year’s biggest hits. Last week, the official Twitter account for Genshin Impact announced the week-long “Wish Upon a Lantern” event where players get the chance to split a 1 billion Primogem payout. As the event draws to a close later tonight, you might be wondering when you’re getting your cut of the 1 billion Primogems.

The full statement from developer MihoYo says that the event will run until February 25 at 11:59 p.m. UTC. Immediately following the event’s end, the Genshin Impact team will start to “finalize” the winners on February 26 from 12:00 a.m UTC to 7:59 p.m. UTC.  All players who successfully lit all five in-game kinds of Xiao Lanterns with an Adventure Rank of at least ten will be looked at by the team and approved for the payout.

Players who’ve met the necessary requirements will receive their portion of the 1 billion Primogem payout between 8:00 p.m. UTC February 26 and 11:59 p.m. UTC March 4. 

Even for a game as popular as Genshin Impact 1 billion Primogems seems like quite the large giveaway. As MihoYo hasn’t officially stated what their current player base is it’s not totally clear how many Primogems players can expect for participating in the event. Luckily, was able to estimate the number based on the speculated player base.

By their calculations, each player can expect anywhere between 30 and 35 Primogems from the “Wish Upon a Lantern” event. That number might not be entirely accurate as it’s an estimation, but hopefully, it helps you temper your expectations.

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