Genshin Impact 2.8 Leak Reveals Yelan Kit, New Free Fading Twilight Bow

March 30, 2022

Genshin Impact‘s latest 2.8 leak reveals the entire Yelan kit as well as an upcoming weapon that could be given out for free to players.

After a long wait, we have finally received the 2.6 Update, marking the arrival of Ayato, Ayaka’s brother in the game. It’s been a while since a new character has been around this much hype. We witnessed the arrival of a new domain and the much-anticipated Chasm region as well, which fans had been waiting for for quite a long time now. While this update was quite a significant one, it seems like miHoYo has a lot more in store for the upcoming updates.

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miHoYo has confirmed that the next update will be bringing not one but two new characters. The first is Yelan, which was initially thought to be Fu Hua but turned out to be different. The next character we have arriving in the update is Kuki Shinobu. So far the reception around both the characters has been quite good, and it seems like many players would be looking forward to pulling in the banner.

Genshin Impact 2.8 Leak Reveals Yelan Kit, New Free Fading Twilight Bow

Today, UBatcha has posted a new leak, which states that there will be a new weapon that will be given out for free to players out there. This weapon is the Fading Twilight, a bow with an Energy Recharge substat. It comes with three buffs which will increase the damage dealt.

Apart from that, the entire Yelan kit has also been leaked. Do note that this is still subject to change since it is most likely from the beta, so take it with a grain of salt.

Let’s first talk about normal attacks. If off-field for 5s, she receives a ‘status’, reducing the charging time for her next charged attack by 80%. Charged attacks deal AoE Hydro damage that scales off HP.

For E, press to sprint a little, and hold for a rush sprint state (with special effects). For every enemy hit during this sprint, there is a 34% chance for her to gain the aforementioned ‘status’ at the end of the sprint.

For Q, summons a thing that fights for you (similar to Xingqiu Q), damage scales based off HP.

Passive 1: Increases max HP based on number of characters in party that are of different elements. Increases by 6/12/18/30 respectively.

Passive 2: After using Q, characters on the field receive 1% damage increase, 3.5 times per second, max 50.

C1: E charges +1 C2: Q shoots an additional bullet, deals Hydro damage that is 20% of HP, once every 3s C4: E marks an enemy, +10, 25s, 40 C6: When using Q, normal attack shots become the same as the special status charge shots. But the attack speed remains the same as that of normal shots and you don’t need to make charged shots. It is counted as CA, and deals 130% of damage of unbuffed charged shots. This effect is removed after 6 shots or 20 seconds.

Q uses 70 energy, E can be used once per 10s. In summary, according to this version of her kit, Ayato is s***.

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