Genshin Impact: Here’s 5 of the Best Cosplays You’ll See From the Game

Check out a few of the best Genshin Impact cosplays on the internet.

Genshin Impact has certainly taken the gaming world by storm and has become known for its anime-inspired methods to open-world RPG gameplay. Even though cosplayers have had to come up with alternative measures of showcasing their hard work due to the pandemic, nothing has stopped them from donning their best picture-perfect gaming attire. As Genshin Impact has gained popularity, so have the cosplaying fans who just love to dress up as Xiangling or Amber.

Across the social media board, we have gathered ten of what we think is the best Genshin Impact cosplays that include a host of characters you would find wandering around the Mondstadt and Geo-aligned Liyue region. Check them out below and let us know if you think there are some awesome ones we have missed!


Noelle cosplay by 噗喵_少少的cos from r/Genshin_Impact

This Noelle cosplay by 噗喵_少少的cos is highly detailed and looks incredible. Even though Noelle may not be as popular as some of the game’s other characters, that’s not to say it shouldn’t be showcased in all its glory. Just check out the impeccable craftmanship on Noelle’s armor as well as that giant sword. Perfection.


[SELF] Barbara from Genshin Impact by Peachmilky from r/cosplayers

Up next is Barbara who is a playable Hydro character in Genshin Impact and the deaconess of the Church of Favonius. Cosplayer Peachmilky is no strange to dressing up and you may have seen her previously as Aerith from Final Fantasy VII or Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4.


Making the cut of some of the best Genshin Impact cosplays is the character Amber showcased by Suiseuko. For those who don’t know, Amber is the glider in Mondstadt who’s “A perky, straightforward girl, who is also the only Outrider of the Knights of Favonius.” Check out the details on Suiseuko’s outfit, slipping into Amber’s persona with her dark brown leather shorts, a red hoody, red stockings, and white thigh-high boots embellished with gold linings and symbols.


You couldn’t have a Genshin Impact cosplay without including the astrologist, Mona Megistus. This mage-like magical character is pieced together by Kate and I love how she has added in the water effects, called Hydro Vision, to compliment her incredible outfit, especially so since Mona doesn’t have physical weapons to aid her.


Whether you’re into the cosplaying scene or not, many people will recognize Hendoart’s wonderful outfits that include Ciri from The Witcher as well as many other gaming characters. This time we see her take on Jean from Genshin Impact. She is the acting Grand Master of The Knight as well as a powerful anemo user who is also devoted to her duties and maintaining peace.

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Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4PS5, and Mobile, with a Switch version coming soon.

Rachael Fiddis

Rachael, who is Head of Culture, has been gaming for many years. Some of her favourite video games include The Witcher 3 and The Last of Us but also loves a good indie title. Gaming Culture is where her heart lies and spends many hours sieving through gaming fan art and cosplay displays. Other than gaming, Rachael is a book nerd and music lover.

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