Genshin Impact A Particularly Particular Author Full Guide

A trip to the Tsurumi Island.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

October 13, 2021

Genshin Impact 2.2 is now live and A Particularly Particular Author quest is one of the new missions that you might struggle to finish quickly.

Genshin Impact now hosts all-new content for players to further explore the game’s world and progress the story.

One of the missions in the Through the Mists questline will offer you travel to the Tsurumi Island and make offers for Perches.

This mission requires finding various objects and collecting them, so that’s why you might need a guide to complete A Particularly Particular Author.

Genshin Impact | Story Teaser: Flavors of the World

Genshin Impact | Story Teaser: Flavors of the World

A Particularly Particular Author Full Guide

Travel to Tsurumi Island

In order to start the mission, you will need to talk to Katheryne in Inazuma’s Adventurer’s Guild. Then you will need to talk to Sumida and Kama. We have covered this part fully in a dedicated article. So, make sure to check it out here.

Make an Offer to the Perch

Once in Tsurumi Island, you will find a kid called Ruu. Talk to him and follow him to the top of a mountain where you will meet his older sister.

Now, it’s time to make the first offer to a Perch. Touch the Perch, which is highlighted with a yellow light next to a tree behind Ruu’s sister. Now, you will be able to see three blue elements flying in three different directions.

Now, you should find all those blue elements and touch them to finally make an offer to the Perch. This is the base for all the next steps of this mission at Chirai Shrine, Shirikoro Peak, and Autake Plains.

You will find the first blue element on the opposite side of the Perch on top of a small cliff. Now, climb down the mountain and you will spot a big, tall cliff in front of you. The second blue element is on top of that cliff and the third one is on the right side of the cliff. (Thanks, WoW Quests!)

Go to the Ceremonial Site

The location for this will be marked for you, so you wouldn’t have a problem finding the Ceremony Site. Once there, talk to a person called Mata.

Now, it’s time to make offers for three Perches in three different locations. You can check out the three districts in the image below:

Chirai Shrine Perch

  • The first blue element is in the direct opposite side of the Perch’s tree on top of the cliff (head to northwest on your mini map). You will need to follow it until it stops, and then kill the the enemies to be able to touch it.
  • Head to the southwest from the Perch tree and you will find the second blue element deep inside a cave, which you need to jump into it from above.
  • Head to south on your minimap and get past the previous cave entrance to find the final blue element.

Shirikoro Peak Perch

Before finding the blue elements, you will need to find three cyan flying creatures. Two of them are near the tree and you can find them easily. The third one is on the opposite side of the lake, at the southwest of your minimap. You should follow each one of these cyan creatures until they enlighten the torches near the Perch tree.

Now, you will get a chest as a reward, and the amount of water in the lake will be decreased, allowing you to access new areas. Jump down to the dried lake and follow the path, where you will find all three blue elements. You will need to follow them and kill a number of enemies to finally touch them.

Autake Plains Perch

  • First blue element is right behind the Perch tree down the cliff.
  • Head toward east from the tree an you find the second blue element.
  • Head toward west from tree and the third blue element is on top of a house.

Once you made an offer for the Autake Plains Perch as well, you will need to get back to the Ceremony Site, then talk to the Kama, and then speak with Sumida to completely finish A Particularly Particular Author mission.

Genshin Impact is now available for free on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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