Genshin Impact A Thousand Questions With Paimon Quiz All Answers List

Not up to scratch on your Genshin Impact trivia? No problem!

November 19, 2021

Find out all the answers you need for the latest Genshin Impact quiz, A Thousand Questions with Paimon.

Although you likely know your fair share of Genshin Impact facts if you’ve been playing a while, some of the questions in Paimon’s quiz are slightly more difficult than you may expect.

A Thousand Questions with Paimon is the most recent web event created by miHoYo, by answering questions correctly players can earn themselves plenty of in-game currency.

Genshin Impact | “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms” Trailer

Genshin Impact | “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms” Trailer

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Genshin Impact A Thousand Questions With Paimon Quiz All Answers List

to access A Thousand Questions with Paimon you’ll need to head to your menu and then select Special Event, this will then open up a web window for you to answer the questions.

Below you can find answers to those asked by Paimon!

Amber is the Knights of Favonius’ only?Outrider
Which of the following is the customary Hilichurl greeting?Olah
Which of the following elements is Boreas not immune to?Pyro
In Jean’s Story Quest, “Leo Minor Chapter,” what is the name of Margaret’s lost cat?Prince
When Kaeya is in the party, character Stamina Consumption when sprinting is decreased.True
Of the following Mondstadt taverns, Diona is a bartender at:The Cat’s Tail
The pet that Qiqi would like to have most is a:Finch
What is Amber the champion of in Mondstadt?Gliding
Which of the following statements about Diluc is false?Diluc’s Passive Talent, Tradition of the Dawn Knight, refunds 15% of the ore used when crafting Sword-type weapons.
Which of the following statements about Keqing is false?Keqing can perform her Elemental Skill, Stellar Restoration, while in mid-air.
Which of the following will not allow you to obtain Shrine of Depths Keys?Completing a Story Quest
Holding Venti’s Elemental Skill allows him to generate a wind current that can be used to perform Plunging Attacks.True
Which of the following is not one of the Cryo Regisvine’s weak points?Petal
What is Keqing’s title in the Liyue Qixing?The Yuheng
Which of the following Elemental Resonances can reduce the CD of Elemental Skills?Impetous Winds
Diluc used to be the Knights of FavoniusCavalry Captain
Which of the following statements about Xiangling is true?When Xiangling uses her Elemental Skill, Guoba will deal AoE Pyro DMG 4 times.
Which of the following characters can activate treasure chests that can only be accessed through pressure plates?All of the Above
Which of the following characters did not have a pet turtle as a child?Amber
Wanshu Inn’s cat is calledWei
Which of the following characters will not have their Charged Attacks infused by Cryo DMG by Chongyun’s Spirit Blade: Chonghua’s Layered Frost?Klee
What is the name of the night shift guard of the Northland Bank?Nadia
How many types of Hydro Mimics can the Oceanid summon in total?8 types
Which of the following areas do not contain any Violetgrass?Qingxu Pool
Which of the following statements is falseYou can attack the Oceanid directly to deal DMG to it
In which of these locations can Dandy not be found to try a time trial challenge?The highest point of Qingce Village
Xinyan is Liyue Harbor’s sole _________ musician.Rock ‘n’ Roll
Which of the following characters can provide a bonus when forging the Whiteblind?Diluc
Which of the following animals does not appear in The Boar Princess Book Collection?Rabbit
Which of the following does the Unusual Hilichurl drop?Cabbages
Who occupies the eighth seat among the Eleven Fatui Harbingers?Signora
Who is the owner of the best pharmacy in Liyue?Baizhu
Which location can Musk Reef be reached via a Black Hole?Cape Oath
Pyro regisvine is immune to pyro damage.False
Xingqiu is the second son of Liyue Harbor’s:Feiyun Commerce Guild
Which place’s topography is the result of an Archon hurling giant spears of rock during a time of war.Guyun Stone Forest
What is Diona’s Constellation called?Feles
Kaeya’s elemental burst can freezeFalse
Which archon created the Mora?Geo Archon
What is the name of Anemo HypostasisBeth
What is Fischl’s position at the Adventurers’ Guild?Investigator
Beidou’s fleet is called:The Crux Fleet
Which of the following about Xinyan is false?”Now That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll!” increases the DMG dealt by characters being shielded by Sweeping Fervor by 15%
Who is ”that red, burny friend” mentioned by Razor?Klee
Barbara’s Talent, Glorious Season, is able to decrease the Stamina Consumption of all party members when Barbara is in the party.False
How many times will Diona’s Elemental Burst heal a character?6
Protective Canopy provides a 15% RES against all elements to all party members.True
“The constructs that Zhongli, Ningguang, and the Geo Traveler summon can all be climbed” – Is this statement true?False
What is the Energy Cost of Diluc’s Elemental Burst, Dawn?40
When the Anemo Traveler is affected by Pyro, holding the Traveler’s Elemental Skill can be used to cause an Elemental Absorption.True
Which of the following statements about Geo constructs is true?Geo constructs can be used to block certain monster attacks
What does Cecilias represent in the language of flowers?The true feelings of the prodigal son
Which of the following cannot provide energy to charge an elemental burstInteracting with the statue of seven
Which of the following does not belong to the Liyue region?Brightcrown Canyon
Cryo attacks can destroy pyro abyss mages shields at the same rate as hydro attacks – is this statement true?False
Which plant is not unique to Mondstadt?Sweet Flower
Donna, an assistant at Floral Whisper flower store, is infatuated withDiluc
Which of the Fatui Harbingers is Childe?The Eleventh
How often does the Rite of Descension, one of Liyue’s ceremonies occur?Once a year
What does Lucipal mean?Family
Which of the following statements about Elemental Reactions is true?The burning reaction itself deals DMG
Which of the following statements concerning Mona’s Elemental Burst, Stellaris Phantasm, is wrong?If Mona takes no DMG for 2s after using the Elemental Burst, she will regenerate 20% of her HP.
Which of the following statements about the Geo Traveler’s Elemental Skill, Starfell Sword, are false?We can hold the Elemental Skill to stack one Meteorite on top of another.
The Fortune-Preserving Talisman formed by Qiqi’s Passive Talent, A Glimpse Into Arcanum, lasts for 15 seconds after being triggered.False
True or false: After Xiao casts his Elemental Burst , he gradually loses HP. If his HP is too low, this effect will cause him to die.False
Sucrose’s Passive Talent, Mollis Favonius, increases the Energy Recharge of all other party members by 20% of Sucrose’s Energy Recharge for 8s when Sucrose’s Elemental Skill or Burst hits an opponent.False
Noelle’s Elemental Skill, Breastplate, is able to deal one instance of Geo DMG to nearby enemies. It will not generate any Elemental particles.True
“The second charge level of Bennett’s Elemental Skill, Passion Overload, will launch him, and this cannot be prevented by any other creatures” – Is this statement true?False
Other than using her Elemental Skill, Mirror Reflection of Doom, what other method can Mona use to create Phantoms?By entering Illusory Torrent for two seconds and being near an enemy.
Venti’s Elemental Skill will generate a lot of Elemental Particles upon hitting monsters. This feature can be taken advantage of by using his Elemental Skill before switching to a different character to help them gain Energy faster.True

(Additional Note: This method is called battery-ing)
Some of Lisa’s attacks can apply the Conductive status onto monsters. What is the maximum number of Conductive stacks that may be applied?3
Which of the following statements about Ganyu’s Elemental Skill ”Trail of the Qilin” is false?The Ice Lotus generated by casting Trail of the Qilin only applies the Cryo element to nearby enemies and does not deal DMG to them.
Which of the following statements regarding Baron Bunny is false?Baron Bunny’s explosion delay is based on its charge time. The longer the Elemental Skill is held, the longer the delay until Baron Bunny explodes.
True or False: Fischl’s Elemental Skill summons Oz to assist her in battle. Oz attacks with Freikugel, which can trigger the Elemental Skill DMG bonus given by The Stringless.True
Kaeya’s Elemental Burst, Glacial Waltz, is able to constantly freeze water surfaces, allowing one to run across them.False
Hu Tao’s Talent ”Flutter By” increases Hu Tao’s CRIT Rate by 12% for 8s.False
What is the name of the board game Ningguang invented?Liyue Millennial
Which of the following statements about Plunging Attacks is false?Plunging Attacks can only deal AoE Physical DMG.
Which of the following is not a method of restoring characters’ stamina?Stop swimming and tread water for a while
True or false: When the World Level does not change, raising your Adventure Rank increases the level of monsters in the worldFalse
Each character has their own Fullness meter. Once it is full, that character cannot continue to consume Dishes. Based on what factor does the Fullness meter return to normal?Time
Which of the following cannot be achieved with the Archive?Obtaining detailed information on items that have not yet been obtained
Which of the following World Levels does not require an Ascension Quest to reach?5
What is the maximum number of characters that can be displayed in a friend’s Character Showcase?8
Which of the following statements about Friendship Level is false?As a character’s Friendship Level increases, their ATK will also increase.
We can still accumulate Adventure EXP without ascending the World Level.True
Which of the following statements about City Reputation is true?The number of Bounties and Requests is shared between all cities
True or false: On the PC version, you can press Left Alt + 1/2/3/4 to switch to the corresponding character in your party and cast their Elemental BurstTrue
Which of the following is not a feature of Statues of the Seven?Temporarily increases characters’ ATK and Max HP
What is the cooldown of the World Level adjustment function?24 hours
Which of the following statements about the Artifacts section of the Character Screen is correct?All of the other options are true
Which of the following statements is true?At Mondstadt and Liyue, the crafting list for the Crafting Bench are the same
Which wind glider can be obtained from reaching Reputation Level 8 in Mondstadt?Wings of Azure Wind
In Co-Op Mode, you can cause Seelie in friends’ world to move and guide you.False
True of False: In a friend’s Character Showcase, you can view details about their characters.False
Fatui Skirmishers will empower themselves in battle, and these empowerments must be removed to defeat them quickly. Of the following interactions, which one is the least efficient? Electrohammer Vanguard – use Pyro DMG
When fighting a Ruin Guard, we can attack its weak spots to cause it to enter a state of paralysis. How many weak spots does a Ruin Guard have?2
Which of the following Hilichurl tribes does not appear at Dadaupa Gorge?Lunar Tribe
Which of the following is not the name of a Hilichurl tribe in Dadaupa Gorge?Ricer Tribe
Which of the following monsters will not emerge from a Blossom of Revelation challenge?Unusual Hillichurl
Which of the following statements about Dvalin’s “Caelestinum Finale Termini” ability is false?Using a wind glider to glide above the cracked platforms will cause characters to suffer DMG.
Which of the following elements is the most efficient at breaking Hydro Abyss Mage’s shield?Cryo
When Hydro is used to extinguish the Hilichurl Berserker’s torch, how does the Hilichurl Berserker react?Takes out a match and re-ignites the torch
When fighting Electro Hypostasis: Aleph, which of the following elements is unable to decrease the HP of its prisms?Hydro
Which of the following characters is the most suitable counter to Electro Hypostasis: Aleph?Xianglling or Klee
Which of the following characters is least efficient at destroying the rock pillars summoned by Geo Hypostasis: Gimel?Venti
Which of the following statements is true of the Childe Boss Fight?This can be done in Co-op Mode
True or false: When fighting Anemo Hypostasis: Beth, dealing elemental DMG to the Anemo Orbs summoned by the Anemo Hypostasis converts them into Elemental Orbs of a different typeFalse
Which of the following items can Boreas drop?All of the other options are true
During the Windblume Festival event “The Great Bubble Crash,” how many bubbles may there be in a row?5
How many boss enemies are currently recorded in the Adventurer Handbook?8
At which of the following Liyue Restaurants can you try Xiangling’s cooking?Wanmin Restaurant
Which of the following statements about Seelie is true?All of the other options are true
Which of the following Book Collections was written by Klee’s mother, Alice?Teyvat Travel Guides
What is the name of the bartender at Angel’s Share?Charles
The rivalry between the two famed styles of cooking, Li and Yue, is a few hundred years old. Out of the two, the Yue style is popular among the enthusiasts of:Seaside delectables
How many Ley Line challenges can exist in Mondstadt and Liyue at any one time?4
“Currently, each Shrine of Depths can only be opened once, and cannot be reset” – Is this statement true?True
True or false: Entering a Domain consumes Original Resin or Condensed Resin.False
Which of the following areas do not contain any Philanemo Mushrooms?Wolvendom
Which location is not covered by the Teyvat Travel Guide?Wuwang Hill
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