Genshin Impact Account Hacks: miHoYo gives statement about data leak, will improve security

miHoYo will improve security pretty soon.

Genshin Impact has been gaining a lot of popularity since its launch last year. The game will be receiving its next major update, the 1.4 Update on 17th March, and it will be adding a new character Rosaria, new items, weapons, and a lot more.

Players are quite excited for the upcoming update, as well as the updates beyond that as miHoYo will be releasing an update every six weeks. Amidst all that, there has been one issue that has been bothering players a lot. A large number of players have been subject to attacks by hackers lately, and they have either lost access to their accounts or their accounts have been completely destroyed. This has made the community quite anxious as many players are reluctant to even take part in miHoYo’s own official events, thinking that it might be a phishing link.

Genshin Impact Account Hacks: miHoYo gives statement about data leak, will improve security

The community has been asking for two-factor authentication for quite a while now but we haven’t received any update from miHoYo about it. Now, miHoYo has finally released a statement about the ongoing hacks going on. Many believed that there was a data leak from miHoYo’s end, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as per their statement. Here is the translated version of the statement which was posted in the Genshin Thailand Group (courtesy of u/uijbg).

Thanks for contacting us, right now the developer are discussing about increasing the security system. From the information we have right now, we have many layers of security and have no sign of being leak. Most of players who got hacked, and [sic] mostly becasue of giving their information to the fake webssite. We hope that the traveller won’t go to the fake website. We also will be increasing accounts security as well, please wait for the any new updates.

What this increased security isn’t implied, but it is speculated that 2FA would be the most logical option here. Considering the rate at which accounts are being hacked, we can expect this pretty soon.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5 and Mobile.



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