Genshin Impact - Albedo Introduction, Gacha Banner Guide And... WOAH BENNETT GET HIM NOW

The Albedo gacha banner in Genshin Impact, Secretum Secretorum, also offers a drop rate boost for Bennett, one of the most useful characters in the game.

December 21, 2020

On December 21, Genshin Impact (PC, PS5, PS4, Mobile, soon on Switch) revealed the first time-limited gacha banner of Version 1.2, with Albedo as the featured character. Albedo is part of the Knights of Favonius, and is regarded as a genius alchemist. In Japanese, Albedo is voiced by Kenji Nojima, who voices other pretty boys like Ginoza in Psycho-Pass. He also voiced Higa in SAO. In the English dub, Albedo is voiced by Khoi Dao, who shared on Twitter a pretty fun story regarding Albedo’s EN trailer.

Albedo is a five star Geo character, and a one-handed sword user. Albedo can most notably summon a floating platform to gain elevation. This lets him easily evade many attack patterns and trigger Plunging Attack damage at any time.

The Albedo banner in Genshin Impact, Secretum Secretorum, will begin after the Version 1.2 maintenance ends. The banner will last till January 12.

The Version 1.2 maintenance will start on December 22, 17:00 ET. (Click here for a time zone conversion table) and last 5 hours. However, note it might end sooner.

Needless to say, the banner will have the same pity count system as existing banners. You’ll get a guaranteed five star at 90 pulls, with a 50% chance for it to be Albedo. The pity counter carries over from on Limited Banner to another. Moreover, if you already pulled a five star character in the current Zhongli banner. And it wasn’t Zhongli. Then the next time you pull a five star character in the Albedo banner, it’s guaranteed to be Albedo.

Here are the four star characters that will also have an enhanced probability rate on the Albedo banner: Bennett, Sucrose, and Fischl.

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This is the first time Bennett is on Drop Rate Boost. Bennett is one of the most useful characters in the game thanks to his Elemental Burst. So this is a good occasion to get him. You definitely should. And give him a Noblesse Oblige Artifacts set.

As usual, getting enough Primogems to do 90 pulls as a f2p player is nearly impossible unless you’ve been saving up for a while. However, the new Chalk Prince and the Dragon events should net players some Primogems.

Moreover, if you’d rather play with Ganyu than Albedo, it’ll be best to save those primogems till her banner in mid-January. But at the very least try to get Bennett.

Lastly, a new weapon banner is also coming. I’d personally recommend rolling the gacha for characters instead of weapons as new characters means new ways to play and more fun.

Albedo Introduction Trailer

(English Dub)

Lastly, as always, I personally wouldn’t recommend spending money specifically for the gacha. Ultimately there’s no guarantee you’ll get the character or weapon you want. Unless you put the money in for 90 or 180 pulls, which is a hefty sum. There are way better alternatives to spend your cash in Genshin as well, with the Battle Pass and the monthly blessing.

That’s all for Albedo in Genshin Impact. Last but not least, don’t forget Albedo will be different in Version 1.2 than how he rumoredly was in the Beta according to leaks. Not necessarily nerfed, but different. Even using the word “nerfed” is debatable as leaked Closed Beta Test content is under development content and subject to change. All the builds based on Closed Beta Test data are meaningless. Wait until Albedo releases, and make your own decisions based on what makes your Genshin experience enjoyable. Don’t blindly follow SEO driven guides like this one and your favorite VTubers. If for one reason or another you hate Bennett and want him to keep suffering as the persona non grata of the Adventurers Guild then don’t pull him just because I tell you to do so.

In related news, miHoYo detailed how Zhongli and Geo characters will change in the version 1.3 Closed Beta Test. Everything is still subject to change.

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