Genshin Impact Ayato Leaked Cutscene Screenshots Explored

Newly leaked Genshin screenshot shows Ayato

January 29, 2022

The Genshin Impact fandom is in ebullition as what could possibly be the first-ever real screenshot leak of Kamisato Ayato has emerged. We’ve analyzed the leak, exploring whether it could be real or not.

Kamsiato Ayato is by far one of the most awaited Genshin Impact characters. However, his model was never data mined, and no real screenshots have ever leaked. Until now, the only thing we knew about Ayato is his voice, which was officially revealed in the Arataki Itto Character Teaser trailer.

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Genshin Impact leaker G4kky shares Kamisato Ayato leaked screenshot on Reddit

Genshin Impact leaker G4kky shared on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks three screenshots of what seems to be an official Genshin Impact story cutscene. One of the screenshots shows Ayaka with Ayato. The screenshot was later reshared by fans on Twitter. You can see Ayato has medium-length hair. He wears a white outfit mixing a western suit with Japanese clothing.


There are several reasons why I believe the screenshots are real:

Firstly, G4kky mentioned this will be shown on the 2.5 livestream. So this is a story cutscene appearing in 2.5. The other two screenshots would also fall in line with the weekly boss Beta leak. And story cutscenes are among the sole things (not counting Beta leaks) which leak before a live stream or update.

It would be a very similar situation to how the Kazuha story cutscene showing Ei and Sara got leaked. Or how the story cutscene “Flavors of the World” (the Guoba reveal) was leaked before its release in Version 2.1 with the Moonlight Merriment Event.

Secondly, Papatronic, another leaker, though very new, also showed approval on Twitter:

Lastly, there’s how this leak happened on January 29. Which is the beginning of the Chinese New Year holidays. Most Chinese companies and game studios won’t be working till February 6. Except for customer service. And from Blue Archive to Arknights, Chinese games all post a notice about it on social media. Explaining they will be out of the office during those holidays.

This might be a bit of a stretch, but I believe G4kky and their sources decided to leak this now as the danger of being found out is minimized during these holidays.

What do you all think? Do you believe in the leak? Are you ready to cope with me if it turns out to be fake? Tell us in the comments!

Update: Genshin Impact leaker UBatcha also implied the screenshots are real.

Iyane Agossah

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