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Genshin Impact Bennett Birthday - Here's The Best Fanart From Fans

Genshin Impact fans react and celebrate the birthday of Bennett with some fanart.

February 29 marks the birthday of Bennett in Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch release date TBA). However, like many anime characters in this situation, when its not a leap year, Bennett’s birthday is celebrated officially on February 28.

Bennett is one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact, partly thanks to his Elemental Burst. With the right build, Bennett can allow your party to do massive amounts of DMG. He’s a recurring character in damage record videos. Overal, Bennett is overall an incredible lovable character for tons of reasons. Here are some of the best Bennett fanart fans have been sharing for his birthday.

Bennett Birthday Official Artwork

First off, we have the official birthday artwork for Bennett, published by miHoYo. Sadly, the name of the artist was not revealed. This is always the case with most of the official birthday artwork so far. Note that the artwork were revealed near simultaneously with the release date reveal for the Hu Tao banner.

Moreover, miHoYo also published a second official artwork. Plus, this time featuring an SD rendition of Bennett. The illustration gives us a glimpse of Bennett’s daily life in Mondstad outside of his adventures.

Genshin Impact Bennett Fanart from Fans

You can check for more fanart with the #Bennett hashtag.

Genshin Impact Bennett Fanart From Japanese Fans

Next, we most notably have fanart and fun screenshots from Japanese Genshin Impact players. You can find these under several hashtags and search terms, mainly #ベネット , #原神_キャラ生誕祭, and ベネット生誕祭. Probably only otaku used to this stuff and who already enjoyed their share of Bennett BL would read such an article this far anyway. But note that we’re talking about Japanese artists and fans, who may have no issues about sharing or drawing explicit fanart of characters regardless of their apparent gender or age. Click on their Twitter profiles and tags at your own risk.

Imagining an adult version of Bennett

If you missed it, KFC is also holding a Genshin Impact collab event in China. A similar collab happened in the past too.

miHoYo also launched a new Genshin Impact live wallpaper for the N0va Desktop and Lumi N0va VTuber app.

Genshin Impact might also soon receive a native PS5 version.

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