Genshin Impact – New Screenshots, Details Reveal Exploring Dragonspine is The Best Way to Preserve Emergency Food Paimon

Genshin Impact – New Screenshots, Details Reveal Exploring Dragonspine is The Best Way to Preserve Emergency Food Paimon

New Ver 1.3 screenshots featuring Albedo, Klee, Keqing, Childe and more fighting it out in Dragonspine, the first new area added to Genshin Impact.

miHoYo published several new Dragonspine focused screenshots for Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch release date TBA). Dragonspine is the first area ever added to the Action RPG. Meaning it’s a new discovery for both those who entered Genshin when its popularity exploded after release, and those who participated in the pre-launch Closed Beta Tests. The area will be added as part of the Chalk Prince and the Dragon Version 1.2 update coming December 23.

On a livestream, miHoYo revealed tons of details regarding Dragonspine. All the details are here. Long story short, the update will add new characters Albedo and Ganyu. Geo sword user Albedo will launch soon after December 23. Meanwhile Cryo bow user Ganyu will be out in mid January. A new Domain with Cryo and Hydro Artifacts will be available, as well as several new quests and events. Along with an event to get “free” four star weapons and the possibility to get duplicates to max Refine them. The exploration of Dragonspine will also bring new mechanics, with a coldness system.

Besides the new screenshots, included in a gallery further below, additional details have been shared by miHoYo on Twitter.

First, take a look at this Field Report on the Lost Civilization and Dragon Remains found in Dragonspine:

The field report explains how we’ll first have access to the Dragonspine snowy plains, and end up reaching inside the mountain where a mysterious red core glows. Next up, the inside of Dragonspine looks mostly hollow, and camps of the Adventurers’ Guild, but also Treasure Hoarders and Fatui members, awaits inside. Lastly, the summit of Dragonspine, which should only be accessible after we fulfill certain conditions as explained on stream, is also even colder than the rest of the area.

Personally speaking, I’m particularly excited for Dagonspine. The area seems to be everything I imagined. Snowy plains. Underground grottoes. And an interesting cold mechanic, where you constantly need to monitor your temperature and get to heat sources.

Previously, miHoYo told DualShockers in an interview that Inazuma would be the next region added in the game. Technically, this still holds true as Dragonspine isn’t one of the seven regions of Teyvat, but is part of Mondstadt. Moreover, note that our interview was held before the launch of Version 1.1. Since then, the ending of the Liyue main story chapter made it even clearer that the Traveler’s next destination is Inazuma.

miHoYo also teased Zhongli, one of the most popular characters, but disappointing gameplay-wise, will get buffed with Version 1.3.

New Dragonspine Screenshots in Genshin Impact: