Genshin Impact - Echoing Conch Shell Locations in Update 1.6

Let's listen to the stories about the past.

Genshin Impact Conch Shell locations are going to be your new challenge to find the echoing collectibles, acquiring which grant you in-game rewards and open up new story arcs.

Genshin Impact update 1.6 is now live and it introduces a brand new zone in the map filled with small isles. If you have encountered new collectibles upon your exploration in the isles, but you don’t what to do with them, we can offer you some help.

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It’s not the first time that Genshin Impact hosts shells as new collectible items. However, this time around the developers have added a new type of shell that echoes stories from the past.

Outfit Teaser: Teyvat Style – Beachside Ballad | Genshin Impact

Outfit Teaser: Teyvat Style – Beachside Ballad | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Echoing Conch Shell Locations

For Day 1, there are five Echoing Conch Shells available on the map. You will find all of them in the new zone, but you will need a little bit of help with the exact locations. Below, you can get a detailed address for each one of the shells:

Two Conch Shells in Pudding Isle:

  • Pudding Isle has two same size islands. You will find both Echoing Conch Shells of this area on the eastern island (the one on the right-hand side).

Two Conch Shells in Twinning Isle:

  • This region has two big islands. Each island secures one Echoing Conch Shell. On the southern side of the southern island, you will easily find the first shell.
  • Now, go to the southern area of the northern island. Look for an edge with a tree beneath the highest surface of the island. There you will find the second shell.

One Conch Shell in Broken Isle:

  • Broken Isle has three islands with three different sizes. You will find the shell in the medium-sized island on the eastern side of the biggest island of the region. The shell is on the island’s northern edge.

If you still need more help around the locations, make sure to check out this video from ZaFrostPet.

Collecting all the Echoing Conch Shells in update 1.6 will reward you with a new Barbara outfit. There are going to be 24 shells overall.

Genshin Impact is now available for free on PS4, PS5, and PC. As of today, the PC version of the game is available through Epic Games Store as well as miHoYo’s own launcher.

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