Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Co-Op Event Guide

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Co-Op Event Guide

Genshin Impact is holding its first event, the Ignite The Elemental Crucible co-op event, here's our guide with everything you should know about it.

Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, Mobile, soon on Switch, PS5) is currently having its first ever co-op event, Ignite the Elemental Crucible. This is a streamlined guide and Q&A on the event, with its first run going from October 12 to 19.


Is It Worth It Running The Elemental Crucible Event in Genshin Impact?

Short answer: Yes. It’s better spending Original Resin on the event than on Ley Lines Outcrops or Domains.

Long answer: There are multiple rewards you can get without spending Original Resin. Each run of the Elemental Crucible takes between 2 to 5 minutes depending on your own efficiency and other players. You can fill all the Alchemy Handbook conditions and get all rewards in less than two hours, PS4 loading times included:

You have pretty neat rewards, including Primogem and Character Ascension materials. Moreover, there are objectives for the event in the Battle Pass you’ll automatically clear as you go through runs. These nets you ton of Battle Points, so you definitely need to run the Elemental Crucible event.

You need to do at least 20 runs in total to get all the free rewards.

If you spend Original Resin at the end of a run, 40 Resin per run, you can also get 200 Adventure Rank EXP and EXP boosters. The number of EXP boosters you get is scaled by your world level. But regardless of your World Level, you’ll get more EXP boosters through the co-op event than with Ley Line Outcrops:

See above, you’ll get more EXP tickets spending 40 Resin on the event than on Ley Line Outcrop. Moreover, the amount of EXP tickets you get scales with World Level. See at World Level 3:

As such, if you’re playing Genshin Impact on a daily basis, right now, until the co-op event concludes, it’s best to spend some Original Resin each day on the Elemental Crucible co-op event rather than spending Resin on Elite bosses or Domains.

Tips To Efficiently Clear The Elemental Crucible Event

Long story short, what’s important in this event isn’t simply defeating the enemies, but gathering Elemental Clots, the cube like things, by walking past them. Then walking them to the Elemental Crucible at the center of the arena.

First, note that you should only pick Elemental Clots of the same color. Trying to pick a different Elemental Clot than the one you’re currently carrying will erase it.

Next, there are small and big Elemental Clots. Try to always aim for the big ones, though only small ones will spawn at first, and of many different colors. When a run starts, only aim to transport one Clot at a time. Later, when more Clots of the same color appear, start picking them by groups of two or three.

You can only carry up to three Elemental Clots of the same color at a time. Bet it small or big ones. Try to always pick three big Clots before running back to the center of the arena.

Be wary of your HP, as you don’t get back to full HP between each runs. Your HP isn’t restored either when coming back to your own world if you weren’t the co-op host. Then again, this is a relatively stress free event, and very easy to complete, so don’t sweat it if you do end up dying. Only childish players would call you out for it. This isn’t a competitive event. And if you feel you could have done better, don’t spend resin for rewards on that run and wait for the next one.

Which Genshin Impact Character Should I Run The Elemental Crucible Event With?

Seeing you’re spending most of the time in the event running around, characters with party Stamina reduction when sprinting like Kaeya and Razor are pretty good. Note that these Stamina reduction skills don’t stack with each other.

Elemental Clots can spawn in peculiar places like outside the arena. Meaning you need to climb the arena’s wall to get to them. Only go for these if you’ve picked all the ones inside the arena first, and only if you’re confident you can get to them pretty fast. Else you should leave them to the other players, especially if one of them is a Venti. With his Elemental Skill, Venti can get outside the arena pretty quickly. Needless to say, this means Venti is a good choice for running the event as well.

Seeing this is an online co-op event, the character you will be using is the active character you had when triggering the event. This means it’s best to swap your strongest equips to them. Be sure to check your Artifacts too.

Overall though, remember that Genshin Impact doesn’t truly have strong or weak characters. Everything depends on character synergy. It’s how you  combine characters with each other that make their strength shine. It all comes down to Elemental Reactions. If you’re running the Elemental Crucible event with friends, don’t all pick characters of the same Element. If you’re using the automatic co-op matching, you’ll be fine as long as the 3 other players you end up with don’t use characters of the same element as yours. Which is unlikely to happen.

There you have it. Everything you should know about the Ignite the Elemental Crucible co-op event in Genshin Impact.

While miHoYo didn’t announce anything yet, it’s likely the event will be returning in the future at some point. Of course, other events will be coming as well.

Lastly, remember the most important is having fun. Play Genshin Impact the way you want to, and the way you find it enjoyable. Don’t let yourself be overly influenced by YouTubers, Streamers, or Guides like this purely driven by views counts. Relax and enjoy the ride.