Genshin Impact End-User License Agreement Memes Explained - Why Fans Started the Meme?

What you should know about the End User License Agreement Genshin meme

May 18, 2021

As we’re only a few hours away from the release of Eula in Genshin Impact, here’s a certain story on the character you might haven’t heard about, the End-User License Agreement memes and how it all started.

  • EULA – Banner release time, 4* characters featured

How did the End-User License Agreement memes on Eula start?

It all started when Eula was first leaked by data miners in March 2021. Several fans immediately made the connection with her name and the EULA, something anyone playing games on PC has seen at least once when installing or downloading games.


Similarly to doing McDonald’s roleplay, talking abut leaks from data miners will get you muted or banned on the official Genshin Impact Discord. As such, when the leaks dropped, some fans would instead use “End User License Agreement” as a code for talking about the leaked character. Needless to say the moderation team quickly ended up reacting to anyone using “End-User License Agreement” as well.


Funnily enough, several fans back when Eula was first leaked, thought something happened with the actual End-User License Agreement of Genshin Impact:

The spread of the EULA meme

As the days went by after the first leaks, more and more fans started using End User License Agreement to refer to Eula. Fans have been most notably using the term as a tag for sharing Eula fanart. Be it on Reddit or Twitter.

It’s also interesting to note that EULA in games is such an iconic thing that the memes have been transcending languages. Though I have yet to see Japanese players use the meme.


Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android. A Switch version is on the way. With its huge worldwide popularity, this is only one of the many memes the communities have created.

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