Genshin Impact Eula Quest Leaked - What's The Lore of the New Cryo Waifu?

March 30, 2021

Genshin Impact data mining grup Projectcelestia revealed additional leaks on Eula, an unreleased Cryo and Claymore 5* character, who might possibly have a gacha banner in Ver 1.5 – most notably, we have a new description of the first part of the Eula Character Quest. We detailed everything below.

The details were data mined from the 1.5 Beta, and focus on the story quest of Eula. As a reminder, every 5* character in Genshin Impact get their own Story Quest Act I. Most of the time a few days or weeks after their banner was released. No character has their Story Quest Act II released yet.

Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks – Eula Story Quest summary

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The leaks describe the Eula Story Quest, Aphros Delos Chapter as such:

“Act I: The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea”
“Once upon a time, a noble crown was forged in Mondstadt from the blood and tears of the common folk.
The west wind blew, and those chains were shattered, and that crown fell into the flowing river of the years, raising naught but a few tiny spindrifts. Time may have gradually healed the wounds of that old era, but the scars can still be clearly seen. And where, oh where, shall those “spindrift” go?”

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The leak also includes the quest description of Zhongli’s Character Quest part 2, which was previously partially leaked through voice clips.

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Genshin – New lore details on Eula

Let’s analyze this summary. While we still haven’t seen the quest in itself, we can make one particular conclusion when coupling the info with the ingame lore:

Overall, it looks like Eula’s family of nobles was established 1000 years ago, during the Aristocracy reign. However, Venessa’s revolution made Aristocracy obsolete, and noble families such as Eula’s became commoners. Venessa then created the current Mondstadt and the Knights of Favonius.

The “The west wind blew” must be referring to the Falcon of the West, which is Venessa right now. She became one of the Four Winds after her death and ascension to Celestia.

What do you think of Eula so far? You can always hit me up on Twitter to discuss Genshin Impact lore, waifus like Eula, and husbandos too.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile. If miHoYo keeps the same update schedule as with past versions, Ver 1.5 should launch on April 28, 2021. (Credits to Dimbreath for the Eula gacha artwork).

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