Genshin Impact Fan Slays in Fiery La Signora Cosplay

By Rachael Fiddis

September 23, 2021

“Haha, you’re trembling… Is it the cold, or just cowardice?” – Signora, Genhin Impact.

Genshin Impact‘s appeal really does know no bounds. With its variety of cute characters and combat mechanics mixed in with tons of different narrative adventures, it’s understandable why this gacha title is so popular among the gaming community.

Of course, with so many unique and different characters to choice from, this is where the problem lies with cosplayers – who exactly do you pick? Thankfully, the talented Pugoffka doesn’t seem to have any issues as she slips comfortably into the shoes of Genshin Impact‘s La Signora.

Sangonomiya Kokomi: A Thousand Waves Under the Moon | Genshin Impact

Sangonomiya Kokomi: A Thousand Waves Under the Moon | Genshin Impact

La Signora Cosplay

Professional cosplayer and photographer Pugoffka_sama from Ukraine takes on Genshin‘s Signora in an elaborate cosplay endeavour that is bound to turn heads. If you’re not too familiar with the character or even Genshin Impact, Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, otherwise known as La Signora, The Fair Lady and Crimson Witch of Flames, is a major antagonist in the popular action role-playing game by miHoYo.

Even though Signora, who is over 500 years old, may come across as elegant and classy, she’s in actual fact pretty rude and arrogant to those around her – something Pugoffka exudes very well in her cosplay as she poses domineeringly.

As you can tell, Pugoffka manages to pull off Signora’s pale-skinned and platinum-blonde hair look, incorporating her black earring on her left ear and a black mask that covers her right eye. Her outfit is to die for, quite literally, and only adds to Signora’s overall killer appeal.

To see more like this, check Pugoffka out on her Instagram as she takes on many other characters from Overwatch, Cruella de Vil, Cyberpunk and much more.

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