Genshin Impact Fans Angry Over Too Much Paimon Dialogue

January 17, 2022

Genshin Impact is one of the most lore-heavy games out there, with a plethora of dialogues and character backstories. However, fans are not quite happy with the Paimon dialogue in the game.

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miHoYo does take the feedback of fans from time to time and implements changes to the game. A good example is the anniversary backlash, which led to some serious changes. Now, fans are demanding a new change to be incorporated into the game.

Genshin Impact Fans Angry Over Too Much Paimon Dialogue

Speaking about the unnecessary exposition by Paimon in Genshin Impact, Reddit user u/springmustache expresses his frustration in quite a long post. They add that Paimon takes the limelight away from Aether and Lumine, aka the Traveler in the game. Paimon’s role in the story is to explain the plot, and while it helps to quite an extent at times, most of the time it becomes quite a drag.

The user goes on to elaborate on the essence of effective narratives, stating that the best stories often leave the players wondering about the possible explanations of the plotline. Paimon’s explanation kills that aspect of the narrative, so it makes it quite a chore at times. The post has over 8000 upvotes on the subreddit, and tons of players agreed with what the user said. They also add that if there was an option to turn it off, it would make the quests much better.

There are some plausible arguments to the claims made as well, with some stating that it would make the game difficult for kids. Replying to that, the user states that merely 27% of the players are less than 25, so this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Moreover, if there was just a switch to turn off the Paimon dialogue, this part would be addressed as well.

Some players also stated that it helps those who skip the dialogue, as it provides a valuable summary. However, the user goes on to state that this summary could be provided in the quest menu as well, which makes a lot of sense considering the fact that that is how most games do it.

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