Genshin Impact Fans in China Have Gone KFC Crazy - Late Night Banquet!

Hundreds of fans queuing for the Genshin KFC collaboration in China.

By Iyane Agossah

March 12, 2021

You know you haven’t seen the final form of Genshin Impact yet when witnessing these photos – several fans in China are currently queuing overnight, from March 12 to 13, to try and get a chance to bring home the exclusive KFC collaboration badges featuring Noelle and Diluc. Multiple photos of queues at various KFC restaurants are being shared on Weibo and the Japanese side of Twitter.

Genshin Impact launched the KFC collaboration in China on March 8, and the event will last until March 21, 2021. However, starting March 13, the exclusive Genshin Impact KFC badges featuring Noelle and Diluc will be obtainable, and in limited quantities. Moreover, the badges can only be obtained until March 14 included. Fans only have two days to try their luck.

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In order to get the Diluc and Noelle can badges with their meal, Chinese Genshin Impact fans need to ask for it while ordering. Daniel Ahmad also shared a video on Twitter:

Several photos of the huge queues formed for the Genshin KFC Diluc and Noelle pins  shared on China and Japan social media:

For example, the KFC restaurant holding the event at the city of Xi’an will only be distributing 90 set of badges. That’s 180 badges in total. The photo above from Weibo, China’s most popular social media, depicts the queue in front of the restaurant at the beginning of the night. There were already 200 fans queuing according to the Weibo user who took the photo.

The photos above depict the queue at the KFC restaurant holding the event in Chengdu. Capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province. According to a Bilibli user, who shared the pictures above and live streamed the queue for a few moments, there were over 400 fans nearing midnight local time.

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More photos of queues of Genshin Impact fans forming in front of KFC stores from unspecified locations.

miHoYo previously announced that the exclusive KFC glide skin, available only on Chinese Genshin Impact servers at the moment, will be available on the Global servers some point in July 2021. We’ll be sure to tell you when and how to get them once the KFC glider launches.

miHoYo did not announce the Diluc and Noelle skins will actually be added to the game. The company in the past teased a costume system however; meaning they could be implemented someday.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open world action JRPG, available on PC, PS4, PS5 via backward compatibility, and Mobile. The game was also announced on Switch, but has no release date on the platform yet. Ver 1.4 Invitation of Windblume will launch on March 17.

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