Genshin Impact Fans Want Removed Cat-Shaped Cloud Easter Egg Back

January 15, 2022

Genshin Impact fans are quite disappointed after one of the changes in the recent update, in which a cat-shaped cloud was removed from the game.

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Genshin Impact is a massive game, filled with tons of easter eggs, secrets, and much more. Considering how frequently the game receives major updates, it might be that many a times some of them end up getting removed from the game. After the massive 2.3 Update, a plethora of things was added to the game, and fans are not happy after one of their favorite elements was removed.


Genshin Impact Fans Want Removed Cat-Shaped Cloud Easter Egg Back

In a Reddit post, Reddit user u/TheEdelBernal states that after players finish the “Neko is a Cat” world quest and get awarded with the achievement “Cat in the Clouds”, a special easter egg appears in the game. If you go towards the Asase Shrine, you will notice that cloud form in the shape of a cat.

The user goes on to say that it is their favorite location in the game considering the fact that the atmosphere is quite well complemented with the music of the shrine. In spite of searching for it all over the place, the player is not able to find it, so they go and complain to customer service as well.

miHoYo did end up replying, and they stated that they are looking into the issue. The post is since then filled with other players who are stating in unison that they need to get this back in the game. Some fans also joked around by saying that this has made the game unplayable for them and they will end up uninstalling, while others are demanding Primogems, or apologems as you call them, for the issue.

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