Genshin Impact Housing, Farming, Alternate Costumes, Optimization of Farming Domains Hinted At By miHoYo

Forrest Liu, Co-founder of miHoYo, explained Genshin Impact will receive regular updates after launch including multiple new systems such as housing.

Genshin Impact could end up including a housing system, a farming system, and bonus costumes at some point. We learned all that via a video interview published on August 18, with miHoYo co-founder and General President Forrest Liu. The interview was MC’ed by miHoYo’s Overseas Operations team member J.Hyun.

Throughout the interview, Forrest Liu explained his upcoming game for those unfamiliar with it. Genshin Impact is an open world action RPG developed and published by miHoYo, an independent studio initially based in Shanghai. It’s the same studio behind Honkai Impact 3rd. Genshin Impact features a seamless open-world with a full fledged solo story. An elements-based battle system with each character using one of seven different elements. And the possibility to play online coop. Genshin Impact is also free to play, with a gacha to get new characters, though it’s nearly not as aggressive as many other games. We’ll be publishing a detailed report on the game’s Beta Test soon for more intricate details on the game’s flow.

In the video interview, Forrest Liu also explained how the development of Genshin Impact began. It derived from how miHoYo constantly strives to do something different and exciting. Racking their brains to figure out what kind of game they’d like to play themselves, they started going toward open-world. This is how the Genshin Impact project began in 2017.

miHoYo’s wish to focus on Anime Comics Games (ACG) is also what drove the company to start publishing the Genshin Impact manga in 2018, one year before the game project was announced. Developing Genshin Impact is no easy task however, and Forrest Liu admitted miHoYo initially underestimated the work required to create an open-world.

Later on in the interview, Forrest Liu explained that similarly to Honkai Impact 3rd which regularly receives new content, Genshin Impact will be regularly updated as well. This could include content such as:

  • More characters and stories
  • New ways to enjoy coop, social gameplay and other gaming experiences, with possible examples including a housing system, farming, a costume system, more co-op activities.
  • Optimizing the experience of farming Domains (These are basically short battles you need to clear under a time limit to get materials used in character and weapon upgrades.)
  • These materials to strengthen your characters and equipment could be farmed on the open-world outside of Domains.
  • Adding new dynamic mechanics to gameplay within Domains (dungeons) to keep they fresh and accentuate the need of strategic party setups.

The interview is included below. Be sure to activate English subs through the YouTube configuration menu. Just click the small wheel as usual.

Genshin Impact: Housing, Farming And More Teased (Interview)

Genshin Impact currently has over 1 million per-registrations as I’m writing this:

Multiple incredibly cute artwork are being shared on Twitter as well:

Genshin Impact launches on PC and Mobile on September 28. The PS4 version is coming a bit later in Fall 2020.

On a related note, miHoYo is also developing the N0va Desktop project and its VTuber YoYo Lumi.

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