Genshin Impact - How to complete 'Is this Novel Amazing' quest

By Tarun Sayal

August 20, 2021

In Genshin Impact, one of the most effective ways to get free Primogems and other valuable resources is by completing the world quests. With the addition of the Inazuma region in the 2.0 update, the players now have even more opportunities to finish the new quests in Genshin Impact to get incredible loot at the end.

Is this Novel Amazing is one of the many new quests in Genshin Impact through which Travelers can get free Primogems upon its completion. While it is relatively easy to complete, players only have to pick the correct answers to motivate Junkichi, an NPC in Inazuma city.

This guide will certainly help players complete the ‘Is this Novel Amazing’ quest in Genshin Impact to receive fascinating rewards.

Character Demo – “Sayu: Yoohoo Art, Mujina Escape” | Genshin Impact

Character Demo – “Sayu: Yoohoo Art, Mujina Escape” | Genshin Impact

Completing ‘Is this Novel Amazing’ quest in Genshin Impact

Completing the ‘Is this Novel Amazing’ quest in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

Navigate to the Inazuma City to meet Shigeru

To start off, teleport to the Inazuma City waypoint, where you have to speak with Shigeru, the editor from Publishing House, in order to accept the ‘Is this Novel Amazing’ quest.

After a short conversation, you will get to know that Junkichi failed to meet his deadlines for the new novel “Onibudo,” as he is stuck at a critical point in the story and has writer’s block. Therefore, he needs some inspiration to complete his novel.

As mentioned earlier, the most important caveat for this quest is selecting the correct answers. Select “Let’s go get some material.” once Junkichi says, “I guess I can’t put it off this time.” The conversation will go like this:

  • Shigeru: No further delays! Got it?
  • Junkichi: Okay, okay, I got it…
  • Junkichi: Phew… I guess I can’t put it off this time…
  • You: Let’s go get some material.
  • Junkichi: In the chapter, I’m working on, the main character is trying to sell the items he collected during his adventure.
Conversation between Junkichi and Shigeru at Inazuma city (Image via miHoYo)

Visit Tsukomomona Groceries with Junkichi

As soon as the conversation ends, Junkichi will ask you to visit Tsukomomona Groceries which is also located near Inazuma City. After reaching the location, Junkichi will seek advice from you regarding the novel’s protagonist.

At this point, you have to choose “You can’t suddenly add traits to the character” as your next answer. Here’s a look at the conversation between you and Junkichi at Tsukomomona Groceries:

  • Junkichi: But if I write like this, I’ll have to spend time describing psychology. It doesn’t fit the theme.
  • Junkichi: …Why don’t I just make the main character a psychic that can intuit the needs of the buyer? 
  • You: You can’t suddenly add traits to the character!
  • Junkichi: It’s character development. It’s okay. Don’t worry. 
  • Junkichi: Well, there we have it, then! I know what to write!
  • Junkichi: Traveler, let’s go back. I’m going to tell Shigeru about my idea.

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Neglecting Junkichi’s decision at Tsukomomona Groceries (Image via miHoYo)

Go back to Shigeru to complete the quest

After the cutscene, navigate back to the Shigeru to tell about Junkichi’s idea for his novel, where you can select either of the options as your next answer to proceed.

Finally, after a few arguments between Junkichi and Shigeru, you have to be on the writer’s side by supporting his statements by selecting “Actually, Junkichi’s idea isn’t bad” as your last answer.

Supporting Junkichi’s Arguments in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

That’s it. Afterward, the ‘Is this Novel Amazing’ will be marked as completed, and players will earn 30 Primogems as the quest reward.

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