Genshin Impact: How To Use Realm Dispatch To Invite Companions?

Here's everything you need to know about this new cool gadget!

Genshin Impact version 1.6 update is live now and players are exploring new characters, quests, and items in the game. One of the newly added gadgets in the game is Realm Dispatch.

A lot of players are wondering what the Realm Dispatch is or how to use this item. Fret not! we have got you covered. In this guide, we shall discuss everything you need to know about this item.

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What Is Realm Dispatch In Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact 1.6, if you talk to Tubby, you will get a new quest item called the Realm Dispatch. It is basically a Gadget material (item) that allows you to invite companions inside your world.

After acquiring this item, you can invite companions to reside in your Serenitea Pot from the Placement Screen. These characters will then be able to come and leave your realm as they please.

How To Get Realm Dispatch?

Realm Dispatch is a Gadget in Genshin Impact that can be obtained by talking to Tubby.

How To Use Realm Dispatch In Genshin Impact?

Since Realm Dispatch is an item that allows you to add companions in your realm, you just need to place your companion from the Placement Screen on your Serenitea Pot to invite them.

By doing so, you will be able to have conversations with them, with voices.

Please note that Realm Dispatch lets you dispatch upto 8 companions. Also, you can only place those characters you already own.

Apart from this, you can also use this item to dispatch furniture in Genshin Impact.

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