Genshin Impact Inazuma Archon Baal - Fans Imagine Raiden Shogun Character Artwork

Silhouette of the Inazuma Archon inspires fanart

June 1, 2021

Genshin Impact still has yet to reveal the appearance or face of Baal, the Archon presiding over Inazuma – however, a recent leak revealed the Archon’s silhouetted form.

This leak bolstered fans, who are now trying to guess what the Raiden Shogun would look like in-game, creating fanmade artwork.

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Genshin Impact Inazuma Archon Baal – Silhouette in Kazuha leaks explained

New character Kazuha, the first character from Inazuma to become playable since the official launch of Genshin Impact, will be releasing with the first part of his Story Quest, around three weeks after the launch of 1.6 on June 9.

Following the official reveal of Kazuha on the 1.6 livestream, @Dimbreath has shared the anime cutscene of Kazuha’s Story Quest ahead of its official reveal. And the cutscene features the silhouette of the Electro Archon, Baal, also called the Raiden Shogun, wearing a kimono. Another silhouetted character is teased as well. Their faces and overall appearances are still hidden.


First off, it’s important to note it’s very likely that Baal, when showing up in-game, will be wearing different clothes. Important characters, especially supernatural characters like the Archons, tend to be depicted differently in these cutscenes compared to what they look like in-game. Even the fact that Baal is seen wielding a katana doesn’t necessarily confirms her weapon type will be Swords in-game.

Moreover, Story anime cutscenes in Genshin Impact are always flashbacks of past events, making it even more likely for Baal to be wearing different clothes now. Then again, seeing Kazuha is speaking about recent events, this isn’t something that happened hundreds or thousands of years ago like with the Venti or John Lee CEO of Geo related anime cutscenes.

Genshin Impact – Fans try to predict what Electro Archon Baal will look like

Using the leaked Kazuha story trailer trailer as base, some fans have been sharing fanart of Baal. By trying to fill the silhouette with an actual character design, replicating how Baal’s artwork could look like.

Personally, I again don’t believe Baal will be wearing the same kimono in-game as she does in the Kazuha cutscene. There’s also how Genshin Impact is relatively tame with its character designs, compared to other games with gacha elements. I personally doubt Baal will expose that much cleavage in-game.

You can always share your own analysis with me directly via Twitter @A_Iyane07. Genshin Impact will launch version 1.6, Midsummer Island Adventure, on June 9, on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android.

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