Genshin Impact: Inazuma Hinted As New Region Coming in First Big Update

miHoYo hinted that the next region soon to be added to Genshin Impact in an update is the Japanese themed region of Inazuma.

October 1, 2020

Genshin Impact available since September 28 on PC, PS4, iOS, and Android. is set in the fantasy world of Teyvat. The regions of Teyvat are each inspired from various real countries. Mondstadt, the first region we get to explore, has a western European medieval feel. The second region the story brings us to, Liyue, is inspired from China. These are the two regions we can explore in game right now. However, the story mentions there are seven regions in total, one for each element in Genshin Impact: Pyro (Natlan), Cryo (Snezhnaya), Electro (Inazuma), Dendro (Sumeru), Anemo (Mondstadt), Hydro (Fontaine), and Geo (Liyue). In the long run, we’ll supposedly get to see all seven regions.


The fact that there are only two regions right now, Mondstadt and Liyue, might seem small-scale, but both regions are incredibly huge, Liyue in particular. There’s easily at least 60 hours of content right now, assuming you don’t rush. As that’s around the amount of time I spent on Closed Beta Test 3, which had less content than now. However, when will get to see the next region?

Well, it’s worth pointing out there are various NPCs in Genshin Impact who share stories of the other regions in the game, most notably Inazuma, which is themed around Japan. Overall, many NPCs dialogues hint that Inazuma could be the next region to come around.

DualShockers recently had the opportunity to interview miHoYo, so we directly asked them about it. Here is miHoYo’s answer:

miHoYo: “Perceptive players will have already noticed the hints that we dropped about the new city in development. We are working hard to bring it to players as soon as we can”.

Judging from this answer, it looks like Inazuma is indeed the next region in Teyvat we’ll get to explore. We don’t know yet however when Inazuma will be implemented. It’s likely it’ll take at least one month from now on. There’s a rumor claiming that version 1.1 will add Inazuma and launch on October 12. However, it’s very unlikely as that would be way too soon. At the very least, if version 1.1 does launch on October 12, it won’t add Inazuma or another region yet. I’m personally rather betting for late October or early November.  In any case, we’ll see how it goes. We’ll be sure to notify you when we have a date.

Genshin Impact Launch Trailer (English Dub)

We also learned miHoYo VTuber Lumi N0va might appear in Genshin Impact if fan demand is high enough. We’ll soon publish our full interview with the Genshin Impact development team at miHoYo, along with a beginner Q&A guide for those starting out.

Soon after the launch of Genshin Impact, multiple Japanese players claimed the game was “spyware” or was doing clipboard snooping. miHoYo denied both of these allegations and explained in detail what actually happened. The issues were both unintentional, and have now been solved as well.

The featured artwork above is by Atoima and was shared by the Japanese Genshin Impact Twitter account. It’s themed around the Mooncake Festival and features Paimon, a new character, and Qiqi.

Iyane Agossah

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