Genshin Impact: Key Binding is Under Consideration

Genshin Impact: Key Binding is Under Consideration

Key binding when playing with keyboard + mouse or button mapping when using a controller is the biggest feature missing in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, Mobile) is pretty good but has a key binding problem since its first Closed Beta Test. It’s currently impossible to change the key binding when playing mouse + keyboard, or to remap buttons when using a controller. Meaning you just have to adapt to the default key binding and button map. Those aren’t bad by far and do the job. But it can be tricky for those not using a Qwerty keyboard. Overall, it’d be way better if everyone could freely rebind keys the way they like.

Players who participated in the Beta Tests have been saying for months that a key binding function is definitely needed in Genshin Impact. Sadly, judging from the latest Q&A miHoYo shared, it still won’t be coming for now.

In the Q&A, miHoYo mentioned more customization settings and key binding is under consideration, and a report on the progress of the development of these features is coming in a future Q&A. Seeing Genshin Impact Version 1.1 will launch on November 11, it means button remap won’t be available then, but might be coming with Version 1.2 in December 23.

Note that this is the same Q&A regarding Version 1.1 and future improvements we covered beforehand. The Q&A was only in Chinese back then, so we had to rely on a Japanese fan-translation. Now, on October 13, miHoYo shared an official translation of the Q&A in Japanese, allowing me to read it in full and notice this detail regarding key binding.

Personally I think the lack of button remap is one of the biggest weaknesses in Genshin Impact right now. Alongside the extremely low drop rates for five star characters. The game doesn’t push players to use the gacha and you can do everything with the base characters. But better rates would definitely help. You can ask miHoYo to do something about it and share what you like or dislike about the game so far through the ongoing player survey. I highly doubt the rates will change but it’s much better telling miHoYo directly than debating it on social media. In any case, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone putting money in the game to pull the gacha or in any gacha game as it’s never guaranteed you’ll get what you want. That’s just the way it is.

Genshin Impact is also coming to Switch and PS5 at some point.