Genshin Impact Leak reveals New Dainslef Quest and Traveler’s missing sibling

New development on the previously leaked Genshin Impact quest that links Abyss, Dainsleif, and the Traveler’s missing sibling.

A few weeks back, a Genshin Impact leak suggested new enemy, Abyss Herald, and a new quest linking the Abyss, Khaenri’ah, Dainsleif, and the Traveler’s missing sibling was coming in a future update. Earlier today, we got new datamined information on that same quest that revealed much more than we’d asked. 

Dataminer and prominent Genshin Impact leaker Dimbreath shared two Pastebin posts in a tweet. The tweet contains a range of spoilers on the previously leaked quest linking Abyss, Dainsleif, and the Traveler’s missing sibling.

[SPOILER ALERT] Genshin Impact Leaks on new Dainslef Quest and Traveler’s missing sibling

The first Genshin Impact leak shares an overview of the quest that players will partake in once available.

You tell Dain about the sea of flames you saw 500 years ago, and the god you encountered…

You and Dain fight together against the Abyss Herald, but just as you gain the upper hand, someone familiar appears and stops you… It is your long-lost sibling.

Your only kin leaves once more, this time escorted by an Abyss Herald, while you watch on helplessly. Their voice seems to hang in the air while you just stand there in the empty ruins, lost in your world.

The second Genshin Impact leaked Pastebin post shares details on the name and order of this new quest linking Abyss, Dainsleif, and the Traveler’s missing sibling.

Here is what the post says – 

The Bandit, the Lunatic, and the Pitch-Black Enigma – Uncover the Grand Thief’s fate.

Where Fate Comes to a Crossroads – Escape the eerie ruins.

Sneering at the Power of the Gods – Learn of the “Loom of Fate”…

Silence, You Raving Lunatic – Defeat the Abyss Herald.

We Will Be Reunited – Complete “We Will Be Reunited.”

Genshin Impact Leaked Quest Name and Objective

On the left, we can see the current quest name, and on the right, we can see the quest objective. Going with the leaks, this new Genshin Impact quest will have four sub-quests or sections making it a relatively big quest. This is good news for Genshin Impact fans who are eagerly waiting to get new information on the game’s story, especially about the traveller’s missing Sibling.

A leak should be treated as a leak

However, as always, leaked information on Genshin Impact is subject to change. So, until we get official information on this new Dainslef quest, take the aforementioned information with a grain of salt.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world action RPG, available on PC, PS4PS5 via backward compatibility, and Mobile. The game was also announced on Switch but has no release date on Nintendo’s platform yet.

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